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Famine and the Sword | Prophecy

This is a vision given me by the Lord of Hosts on Saturday night, December 10, 2011, while I slept.
I dreamt I was living in a village. The villagers lived in huts, which resembled those of an African village. Huts were made from straw, wood posts and thatch. The villagers were farmers. They had an abundance of crops planted on various plots of land. The people looked healthy and well-fed. They diligently tended their crops, which grew in abundance.
While the villagers were reaping the crops a swarm of locus/insects appeared in the sky. They blackened the sky. Within seconds they descended on the crops and consumed everything in sight.

Warning! Office Attack

This is the vision given to me by the Lord on Saturday, November 19, 2011, between 6:30 pm and 10:30 pm, while I slept.
In the vision, I drove to work. The workplace was an isolated complex on a hill. Its parameter was guarded by heavily armed security guards. In the centre of the compound was a skyscraper. The exterior of the skyscraper was covered with glass.
I was cleared by the security guards. I parked my car and entered the building. All around there was an air of opulence. The workers all wore business suits and used the latest technology (tablets and desktops) to accomplish their work. Elevators and escalators took the staff to very large meeting/conference rooms and offices on each floor.