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The Barren Place

The psalmist David captures the wilderness journey of the people of God (YHVH) very profoundly in Psalm 107. The imagery he evokes is indicative of someone who deeply understands the journey through experience.

Before becoming King he had to survive the wilderness. He endured many days on the run from Saul. At times he dwelt in caves or the desert. He was anointed to be King. Saul, the reigning King, was rejected by God because of pride, stubbornness and disobedience. Yet God allowed him to continue living for many, many years while he pursued David to take his life.

As crazy as it seems, this was part of the preparation process to make David a great King. Why didn’t God just keep him in the palace? Isn’t that what is normally done to prepare a monarch? To prove His greatness, God does not do things how we would. He will expose you to where you are going (in David’s case the palace). Then he uses the University of the Wilderness to prepare us for where we are going.