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Healing Meditation – Mark 3:14-15

I am currently in new location, among new people. A far larger congregation than I have ever worshipped with before. Never in my life have I heard so many cases of sicknesses. From I arrived I have been trying to mind my own business. Trying to ignore what I heard. The Lord had told me not to reveal much about myself. I was to simply observe but I used to opportunity to be selfish…

Exodus 15:26

52 Healing Scriptures – Healing Belongs to Us

When the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea God made an everlasting promise to them. His request was simple. They were to observe His commandments. He would reciprocate by providing them with divine health. Do you know that this promise is to all His children? That includes us. As spiritual children of Abraham we are entitled to all the promises God made to the children of Israel. All ‘born-again believers’ are entitled to this promise of divine health. We receive the promise when we are saved. To retain it, we are required to obey the commands of God…