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New Move | Prophecy

This Word was received from the Lord today, August 18, 2016 at 5:10 pm. An hour before the Lord had given me a new song. I recorded it and was reflecting on how the process started when the Holy Spirit said this to me.

God is raising up psalmist who are true worshipers. We have jumped, run around and have been contented to feel a tingle of the anointing as we worship…

Seeds of Greatness | Prophecy

On June 29, 2016 I received this word from the Lord for his people.

In this season of restoration, I am releasing seeds that contain clusters of prosperity for My people. Understanding your purpose and My plans for your life is very important. Otherwise you may miss what I am doing. Do not expect large gifts to be released. Great gifts will arrive in minute (tiny) packages…

The Finest Hour | Prophecy

Happy New Year people of God!

This is a year of release. God is shifting ministries to release the blessings that have been locked up for years. Many ministries will see a shift to the realm of working in miracles. Those that have seen a trickle of the supernatural will see a constant working of miracles and healing in their ministry.

Declarations for My Sons

I declare and decree that the hand of God will forever be on my sons’ lives.

I declare and decree that:

Favorite-Design-of-Black-Men-Fashion-2014-and-Fashion-Design-InspirationMy children are blessed. In them are found the innocence of Jehovah. They shall serve him faithfully. They shall be evangelists, prophets, apostles, teachers and pastors for God’s elect. They shall not tarry in the council or dwelling of the ungodly. They shall be standard bearers of the Kingdom.

Christ Mass vs X-Mas

This is a golly time of the year for everyone. There is much shopping and excitement in the air. The period globally has become synonymous with laughter, joy and happiness. Enemies sheath their swords, old wrongs are forgiven. Friends and families meet to feast together. Bright lights are hung all around. Many other decorations are put up. Of course there is the ubiquitous Christmas tree. Selecting the most appropriate Christmas tree and decorating it are past times that each family relishes.