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Drawn Near To Him | Exodus 32:7

The Christian walk can become dull and monotonous, if we allow it. Our God loves excitement and spontaneity. The book of Revelations often paints a very colorful picture of worship in heaven. There is excitement happening every instance. Worship is loud; filled with praise, adoration, pomp and pageantry. The angels are busy. Our homes, our places of worship should radiate this frequency of heaven. There should be joy, happiness and laughter.

Suicide Is Never An Answer | Matthew 27:3-5 | Daily Meditation

This is a rather sad turn of events. Judas (Hebrew Judah, meaning praise) repented of what he did. He returned the money and pleaded for the freedom of Jesus. Unfortunately he was too late. The religious leaders wanted blood. Nothing less than the life of Jesus would satisfy.

Had Judas understood the love of Jesus he would not have allowed condemnation to overwhelm him.

The Power of Love

I recently watched good Facebook video on forgiveness by Jada Pinkett-Smith. She made some very salient points. There was great wisdom dispelled from a woman who has obviously overcome many hurdles thrown at her by life. I am convinced she was merely sharing what she has lived. Much of the advice provided healing for persons wrestling with an inability to forgive.

There is one point which I cannot accept.

Honoring The Fathers

Is church scandal on the rise? I cannot help but feel there is a notable increase. That’s my opinion. I have not done the research to verify the evidence. To be honest I do not want to. Social media and shifts in values and attitudes has strongly influenced this increase. The smallest thing that happens is immediately been brought to the surface. Light is being shown on hidden issues.

The Lord’s approach as not changed.