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The God of More Than Enough

I am a firm believer in giving to the work of the Lord Jesus. If I have no 💰 money to give, I give of my time. When I receive and I have nothing to give, I covenant with God to give as soon as I am able. As a matter of fact, He would normally tell me that this must be given. In other words He’ll have me write a IOU that must be paid with interest.

God’s generosity absolutely amazes me. He will give you a bucket list of persons you must bless and you have nothing in the bank account. Just zeroes. Why? He know the tables will turn. Today you are broke. Next 2-5 years you are stroked. So must money is flowing in your directions the storage baskets are busting at the seams.

He’s taught me that you cannot expect to flow in abundance when you only receive but never reciprocate. If your receiving well is open and your giving well is locked up then know for certain only the mercy of God will be received. You will live only from paycheck to paycheck. Always trying to catch up with the expenses.

Listen the day God showed me He is my  provider forever changed my outlook concerning tithing and  giving to God’s work.  Two weeks after been baptised I got paid. All the bills, except the rent, was paid. I was driving to church when I decided to place JMD$2000 (USD$25) in the collection plate. My budget showed that I could afford it with any inconvenience. Pulled over to ATM to get the money then decided to take the maximum amount allowed for the day. It made lots of sense. I wouldn’t avoid bank charges.  Rent could be paid. That would cover all bills for the month. What was left would be just enough to sustain me until the next pay day. When that money hit my hand Holy Spirit began dealing with me.

“You have robbed me.”


I was shocked to hear this accusation. I didn’t know anything about scripture but I was doing my best to be honest. How could I knowingly rob God. I have always valued honesty. Stealing was a pet peeves.

“A tenth of your earnings belong to me”

I did not respond.I was shaken but not convinced. As I drove to church my logic center began working out all worse-case scenarios. Giving meant not having enough money to put gas in the car. I would be forced to walk to work. Okay! No problem. I love walking! There  would be no need for after work exercise. What about food? I would probably have to borrow. No way was I doing that! Not my style. I kept at it throughout the service until the time of the collection. When the song before the announcement was made God stepped to me.

“Read Malachi 3.”

“What is that?”

I was that dull. I didn’t know this book existed on the Bible. Nevertheless I knew the Holy spirit was referring to a chapter in the Bible. I read it and was immediately convicted. For the first time I understood the source of my living paycheck to paycheck. No plan to save worked out. Attempts at investing had only left me with debt burdens. I had robbed God. It had placed me under a curse.

When the collection plate reached me I did not put in the tithe. I gave all the money in my possession to God. There wasn’t a cent left in my pocket. Yet I was at peace. I left church that day and with a plan to talk to my landlord. He was my namesake. A kind, gentle and understanding man. Surely he would allow me to pay next month. That was the best plan I had.

Three days later I decided to use my morning break period. I went into the canteen, sat with one of my coworker/friend and began having idle talks with him. Midway in the conversation  he paused. Looked me dead in the eyes and said these words.

“You build websites don’t you? My uncle is an architect. He needs a website. Give him a call.”

Two weeks later I delivered the website to him and collected my pay. I had no clue what to ask for as payment. So I asked God what to charge. He told me to ask for an amount that was twice the tithe. Without asking any question or negotiating the client accepted it. I was able to pay the rent and same. Can you believe that? For the first time since working I could save.

God has proven Himself to be the God of more than enough time and time again. Please continue to give God what is due to Him. He will rebuke the devourer from your finance and all that is connected to it. That also includes your health.

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