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The Holy Spirit Rocks | Ministering Creatively

Last week as I gave counsel to a few people the gift of prophesy began to flow. I began hearing a song for each person. The song would come then the word of the Lord would follow.

From the very first time I received the gift of prophesy I heard songs I had never heard before. Each time I ministered there would be songs for some people. I would listen and repeat what I heard, which usually is just a few lines. This time the songs were a bit different. Not all were worship songs. Some were secular songs. Ones that revealed the agony of the soul and the determination to triumph despite the odds. For a few seconds I thought my flesh had taken over. But I knew without a doubt that it was the Holy Spirit at work. Songs that were long buried came to memory. I am talking songs like Bob Marley’s ‘Iron Lion Zion’. Singing them was out of the picture. I had to look them up on YouTube and just let the songs bless them.

As the songs ministered, healing and empowerment occurred in a joyous atmosphere. They were crying, laughing and rocking to the beat of the Holy Spirit.

“Prophet you be jamming!” One person commented.

The truth be told that wasn’t me. My wife will tell you that I get super serious when the time comes to speak the Word of the Lord. That’s what I saw when the elders ministered. It was illegal to laugh. In the presence of God you had to keep a stiff upper lip. They knew you had a mighty anointing by the frown on your face. The sterner the look, the more powerful the anointing. They got mad at the Devil. They sounded angry. Laughter was out of the picture. It was warfare. You had to get the Devil off the people. If you laughed you weren’t being serious. Well that’s what I thought. Seeing that it worked. Subconsciously I adopted it. Especially since I could hide behind my fears.

I had one mentor who excelled at having fun. I was going through my period of testing and was broke. My faith was in its infancy so my face reflected what was on the inside. You had to squeeze out the laughter. I couldn’t understand how Apostle Clive Obrien would just have fun doing the work of the Lord. He would joke about some of the things that I believed he should be angry about. When he ministered he had fun. Sometimes while we joked the power of God would just overtake us. Try as I might I couldn’t understand this joy that He had. It was so different from others. I was so locked in that God had to use my wife to encourage me to loosen up and be myself.

“Show the same fun and freedom you have with the family”, she would advise. 

When you are doing the work of the Lord, He wants you to enjoy it. Remember to have fun. We have a friend who really knows how to have fun with the Lord. She is anointed to laugh. She would get quiet. After a few minutes she would begin rocking and laughing. The laughter would continue for a few minutes then she would move as led by the Holy Spirit. As she laid hands people would begin to get healed. They too would be blessed with that laughter as they experience the heart of God and the joy of being in his Presence. That’s what God wants.

God is so good that as we faced a very difficult situation last year and I began loosing my joy He hooked us up with a joy factor from Singapore. The Holy Spirit told me to follow Pastor Jeff Yuen and his Soakability Church team. Just watching the Pastors and their team restored my joy. They loved the presence of God. Their joy was evident. As I continued to listen that environment began affecting me. Laughter returned. My family was under significant attack. Things were happening that threatened to tear us apart. Yet hope had returned. I stopped thinking about the possible bad that may happened and got my focus back unto God. The problem was still here but its effect faded to the background. Our joy and peace was back.

Sometimes when we face tremendous difficulty we go into prolonged warfare. We do not need to go into intense periods of fasting and prayer. We need to laugh at the Devil. The greater one is on the inside. He is greater than He that is in the world. You will be above only and never beneath.

If you are still struggling, get around some people who have that inner joy. What they have will infect you. God loves when His children have fun in His Presence. I have witnessed some people get so serious when the anointing begins to flow that they will not allow anyone to take a bathroom break. The children must sit very still. (Poor parents). Yet when you read the accounts of the children at Azusa Street they were having fun in the glory. They were playing hide and seek as the building was engulfed with the cloud of glory. After playing for a little while they would come out of hiding, walk up to someone, place their hand on the person and that person would be healed. Then like any child they would just get back to playing. Brother Kenneth Hagin had movements in His meeting when the glory would come and everyone would be overtaken by laughter. It was weird to the religious people.

“How could people just sit around and laugh like nitwits. Surely that cannot be God.” Some of them may have thought.

They had better get ready because God is returning joy to His house of worship. Many people will experience intense moments of joy and laughter when the presence of God fills the sanctuary or their home.

Last Monday I was doing Morning Manna on Facebook when the Holy Spirit moved me to worship. I was laughing and exhorting God over and over, as I played one worship song after another. In the middle of worship I heard the Holy Spirit say “this is a week of breakthrough“. Worship continued long after the segment ended. I didn’t stop worshipping until 12 noon. May I tell you? On Friday the blessing came. A major door was opened for me. God released something that was held up for four months.

Your Father wants you to have fun in His presence. He wants you to stop worrying and have fun in His Presence. Rejoice and be happy before Him. Not just when you are in church. All the time.

The joy of the Lord is your strength!

In God’s presence there is fullness of joy. At his right hand there are pleasures forever more.

Credit: Cover photo by from Pexels




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