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Prepare While You Wait

This morning I had a dream about working in an investment firm. I was among several employees who were very committed to giving their best effort to their work. What set me apart was my unwillingness to work beyond the expected hours. Working well beyond the expected hours was the focus of most employees. That was the mark of your commitment and security for promotion. Not me. I was focused on building wealth through multiple income streams. Most of which were not from my day job.

Several of my friends/coworkers got promoted. Not me. I was still drudging away at the same task for many years. At first it bothered me but then I realized our goals were different. I didn’t desire a cozy office. I wanted to build a legacy for future generations. Not giving up my personal time allowed me to acquire real assets (things of value that belongs only to me-not the bank, pay day loan or any other institution).

There was a particular area that I was very interested in. I started learning but stopped. I didn’t have the money to make some bold moves. So I felt I should wait.

We now had a new female boss. I was very cautious about interacting with her. As I didn’t know her. I kept my head down and stopped speaking about what I was doing.

All employees in my unit had a company exam. They wanted us to have current knowledge of finance and banking. I did the test but wasn’t focused on getting a high score. Promotion just wasn’t my goal. When the time was up my manager collected the papers.

As she was walking off, she turned around and addressed us.

“Who here is investing in real estate”.

Several employees immediately put up their hands. I held down my head. I was not about to expose my personal goals. I didn’t know her motives. To my surprise she spoke to everyone who hadn’t raised their hand.

“You do not have to wait until you have money. Get the knowledge from now! You would be surprised at the opportunities that open for you when you have the knowledge. God will surprise you. Do not be afraid. Act now!”

I instantly raised my hand. My face was lit up like a neon sign. She was speaking my language.

What is God Saying?

Be prepared for where he is taking you. Remove the excuses. Get wisdom. Be highly skilled in the area God has called you to. Study, study, study. Get mentors. People who will hold you accountable. Surround yourself with people who are driven. People who are determined to rise above their circumstances.

Expect Him to open doors for which you are not qualified for. Bold moves demand faith. Faith prepares before time. Don’t wait until you have all you need to begin moving on the things you desire. You must hear what the Father is saying and act.

Learn to work with the Holy Spirit. He will guide you in your decisions. What God is doing in this time demands partnership with Him. He is returning us back to basics. Adam (man) was created to secure, tend and expand the garden. Adam worked in unity with God. They were so close that when the animals were to be named God carried them to him and without missing a beat Adam began calling them by their name (which also signified their nature). Where did he get that knowledge? From the mind of God. You have the mind of God. That mind is the Holy Spirit. God’s greatest blessing to you is to give you His Spirit. With the Holy Spirit you have access to all the blessings of God. Boldness, a sound mind, wisdom, knowledge and understanding are all a part of the packaged deal.


Featured photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels




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