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Picking Strawberries (Angelic Encounter)

This was a normal day like any other. My sister Dacia was taking her son Elijah to pick strawberries and invited me along.

I was excited about engaging in this activity. I loved strawberries 🍓🍓 but had never picked them. That morning we gladly bent our backs to the task. The season was almost finished. Only a small cluster of strawberries were in the field. To my surprise the field was full of other families. We had to work fast to get our share. Quickly spotting the last remaining strawberries became a team effort. One person surveyed the plants while the others moved quickly to grab them. In approximately two hours our bucket was full. I stood smiling at the accomplishment. This was sweet victory. Little did I know that something bigger was transpiring.

Picking strawberries in Loganville, Georgia

God was doing something greater. I was in a season of pruning and dying to self. Yet for all that would be surrendered God was about to fill up my bucket. My life was about to be turned around in a major way. I had no idea that the very area I was visiting would be where I would live. What was a fun activity became a prophetic act of claiming the land.

The following day, 1st of June 2015, marked the end of a 21 days fast mandated by God. At midnight I prayed and heard the Lord say “New Beginning“. That morning at 5 am while in prayer my spiritual eyes were opened. I was in my bedroom upstairs kneeling in prayer with my back towards the door. Suddenly I could see the front door clearly. A being of pure white light came right through the door. It quickly floated up the stairs and came into my bedroom. Before me stood God’s angel. He radiated a bright light. My eyes were closed but I clearly saw him and my room. I panicked and jumped back.

“What was that?!” I said to myself, as I quickly opened my eyes. Nothing was there.

The angel of new beginning“, God responded.

I quickly closed my eyes to see him once more. Nothing was there. Only darkness.

“Lord, please let me see him again. Please!”

“No. He is with you. He will always be with you until his task is finished.”

A few days later, the Holy Spirit sent me to another state. Two years later I returned to the community in where strawberries were harvested. This time I was not alone. I came back with two others. My girlfriend and her son. Nine months later we were married and settled in our new home. One morning my wife, Tameika Reginald, and I laid prostrate on the threshing floor, in our prayer room, the Lord said these words to me.

“I am the angel of new beginning. My assignment is finished. I will leave you now.”

I did not see him. I did not feel his presence. Yet I knew that with everything (natural and supernatural) I had encountered God’s angel had been with me. Very shortly after I was sent away God told me to separate from my girlfriend. A four months later he reunited us. He then sent me the state in which she lived. Then He moved us back to the strawberry fields community. We have been given a new beginning. He has done great things. He has filled my bucket.

Family, God has sent ministering spirits to aid you. Empower them by releasing faith through the words you speak. Let your words be in agreement with the Word of God. Develop the habit of worshipping God in all situations and circumstances. Believe God and do not shift from what He says. No matter what it looks like, keep your eyes on the promises of God! The God of the mountain is the very same God of the valley. He is always with you. He will fill your basket 🧺 to overflowing.




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