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Jesus the Technician | Fun Testimony

Yesterday my son and I set out to do what we thought was going to be a very easy task. I found some a laptop memory and decided to install it in his laptop. I have done this so many times that I could just close my eyes and get it done. Simple right. Wrong. I was ever so wrong. We proceeded to open his laptop and found that it was designed to frustrate even the most nerdiest of nerds. Never before had I faced a laptop that was so complex. Just to do the installation we had to disassembly the entire thing. There were parts everywhere.

It was my son’s first time and I was worried that he would never want to do something like that again. I had to use it as a teachable and fun moment. I had to find good in the moment to motivate him. To my surprise he really liked pulling the device apart.

It really pays to allow God to speak on every area of our life. Just three weeks ago I purchased a laptop/tablet/phone repair kit to fix another laptop. It lacked the screws that I needed so I planned to return it. Thankfully the Holy Spirit interrupted my plan. He told me to give Mekhi (our son) the repair kit. The next day he did not emerge from his room until 3 pm in the afternoon. His face lit up like a Christmas tree. He was grinning from ear to ear.

What happened, I asked.

“I fixed my Nintendo DS switches.”

Can you believe it. He got up very early in the morning and began repairing them. That he’s a teenager. I would never have imagined that he would go without food and spend so many hours repairing the device.

Now here we were with laptop parts everywhere before us. As I looked at everything I began chuckling. A wide grin came on my face.

“If only God would just fix this laptop for me.”, I mused. Then I began to share how God had miraculously fixed a laptop.

Picture this. It was a warm summer in June 2015. A friend who lived in Miami faced was facing some difficulties. If something wasn’t done the family would be without any income. And may become homeless. When the call came the Holy Spirit told me to pack and head to Miami immediately. Little did I know that just that one act of obedience would give me the grace of a Summer of miracles and a new mantle.

Shortly after I arrived in Miami, a friend of my friend asked me to fix her laptop. She couldn’t tell what was happening to it. The last time it worked was a year ago. It could not have died at a wrong time. She had impending deadlines on school projects and needed it the most. When it malfunctioned, she quickly shelved it. When she found out that I could fix computers she decided to have me repair it.

I began with the usual first test. Seeing if it would turn on. I pressed the button. Nothing happened. I tried again. Nothing happened. A whole combination of things were done to power it on but the laptop simply would not power on. In Jamaican words, it was “stiff stone dead”.

The next morning I rose early. Did had prayer then began working on the laptop. The moment I touched it, the Holy Spirit began speaking to me.

“It should work. She has been faithful in giving her tithes and offerings to the church.”

He then informed me of the details about when it stopped working. The owner was pursuing her Masters Degree and was faced with the choice of paying for a course or paying her tithe. Without hesitation she paid her tithe. A few days later the laptop stopped working. Although, she lost her work and now had an additional expense to deal with she did not complain. She simply pushed to get her work done.

What He said then confirmed that God watches the heart with which we give. I believe sometimes He tests how we respond to giving. Especially in our greatest time of need. Nothing shows our faith in Him, as our Provider, than when we are faced with lack and God says “give”.

“Can I just get an amen! Am I talking to someone!”

You know the Holy Spirit then advised me that because she was faithful in her tithes and offering she should not have any financial problems. The laptop should work! Guess what he did next?

I was told to simply speak to the laptop. You heard right. Yep! I was to command it just as one would command healing.

I took it up in my hand and commanded it to function as it was created to do. I did not stutter or hesitate as I spoke. Like Abraham, I was fully persuaded that God could perform His Word. I did not feel silly about doing it. Neither did I care if I was being heard. I did not beg. I command it to work.

I then plugged the adapter into an electrical outlet. Pressed the power button. Bam! That thing came on!

Mr. Little faith was not sure if it truly function well. So I tested it further. I left it on for 24 hours. Ran a battery of stress tests. Every tests were passed. Never once did it malfunction. Just cooperating with the Holy Spirit restored the laptop.

Is anything too hard for God???? Absolutely not. I tell you a truth. With man there are impossibilities and limits. With God there are no limits. Trust Him in all things.

PS. Do you think I charged her? I couldn’t. God wanted to bless her. I was too happy to simply be a part of what He was doing. I didn’t shy away from sharing the testimony with her and revealing to her what God had said about her giving. Although, she looked at me in disbelief, I know she was left with a memory of God’s goodness and an assurance that He sees her. He has her back. He will rebuke the Devourer (the Devil) from her money and life.


Photo by Junior Teixeira from Pexels




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