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A New Approach to Revival

I have had the displeasure of attending many church revivals. Yes you heard correctly. I was displeased with these events. In most instances it was merely to raise funds. Nothing was being renewed or restored. There was no great move of God. Interestingly, most times before attending I would begin to feel a burden come on me. In my heart I would feel a sadness that would not leave.

The music was always good. The people sang and were moved by the Holy Spirit. They ran around the church, and fell out under the power. On most occasion we left feeling real good. Sadly the euphoric high produced no lasting change. As I pondered on what I saw I began to lose the joy of attending these events.

Most left feeling real good. I would me right. Perhaps I should say fundraising events masked as revivals. Very rare have I had a fulfilling experience. Most presented a temporary euphoric high that produced no lasting change. Despite the singing, prophesies and jubilance of the people something did not feel right. Before attending an ominous feeling came on me. I felt a burden and sadness grip my soul. Instead of refusing to attend I sill went. Deep down on the inside I felt there must be more.

The Lord Jesus was very gracious to have granted me several vision of himself and the Holy Spirit. In these visions I would see people from many nations bowing down and worshipping Him. In one vision the Holy Spirit appeared as a man of fire. He was gigantic. In his hand was a giant Bible. “I want to put my words in the people“, He said.

When God woke me from mindlessly following the hype, I lost the desire to attend another church revival. They are of no interest to me. I cannot support a lie. It is better to be honest about the need to raise funds than to misuse the power of the Holy Spirit.

What concerned me most about most of these meetings was the lack of confirmation of God’s Word. Healing and miracles were talked about. Signs and wonders did not follow the Word. A few prophetic words were uttered by the main speaker. I didn’t know much but I expected more. I may be as dumb as a doornail but I just believe God at His Word. My experience does not affect the Word. Jesus said signs would follow the message. If there is revival something should happen. The Holy Spirit should be moving powerfully among the people. I was not seeing that happening. Good talk. Loud music. People dancing. Even being stirred by the anointing to pray. Nothing more. It was disturbed by what I witnessed.

Something was missing. I just didn’t know what it was. Where was the God of the old prophets?

As my wife and I began to enquire of the Lord about the little healing and miracles we were seeing, the Lord advised us that He withheld these from the ministries because it would be sold. Anything not done based on his standards will receive only a small touch of his blessing. When we do things according to His advise then we will see the greater glory.

Make no mistake. We will see signs and wonders like we have never seen before in the church. It will be so prevalent that it will not be confined to the church building. People will experience God’s glory out on the street, in the clubs and where ever God sends his ministers.

I was not thinking about revival this morning of (February 14, 2020 at 6:00 am). I was doing my usual early morning prayers when the Lord began to speak to me about it. This is what the Holy Spirit said to me.

Revivals must never be threated as an event. The previous generals saw the moves of God start and then diminish because they treated it as an event. They did not do what is necessary to sustain the glory.

The ministries of Jesus and Moses are great examples of what must be done to ensure you see my power manifested for decades. Moses was successful in leading the nation in revival for 40 years. During that time they saw many miracles. He then successfully passed on the work to Joshua who also sustained the Presence of God for the rest of his lifetime.

The moves died because people sought to build their own empires. Very few of the leaders were interested in discipling others so that the work would continue. They wanted to use it to be seen by men.

The current revival has began quietly. It will slowly build. Many men and women will be prepared for the time when they emerge. They will not be self-seeking. They will be surrendered vessels. They will build a legacy that is passed on to the next generations. They will work diligently to multiply the anointing. Instead of coveting the attention of men, they will seek to build many sons and daughters. They will reach across denominational lines to work with other church leaders and brethren.

Nations will be discipled. This is my desire for revivals. It must change the nation. The people must be brought back to Me.

Study Moses. Study Elijah. Study Joshua. Study Samuel. Study Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Study the Apostles. Study Paul. They are the foremost examples of how to revive a nation. They were selfless in their relentless pursuit of the will of God.

Also study the pioneers of the faith in this century and the last. Examine their strengths and weaknesses. Do not idolize them. Seek to go further than they have been. Use their work as stepping stones to go further.

Seek to turn the heart of the people back to God.

I feel the fires of revival nearer now than ever. That has pulled me into even more hours of prayer. I am not seeking God simply for the glory. I want more of Him. I believe there is far more that He has for us. Far more that we will experience with Him, if we simply seek His face with the whole heart, mind and soul.

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  1. Loving the Lord with ALL my heart, mind and soul. Loving my neighbor as myself, that he/she too might know GOD and the power of HIS resurrection. Norma D. Salley-Bryant 3/29/2021


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