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Major Female Celebrity Mourned | Prophecy

This morning I woke at midnight and began praying for a few hours. It was has been sometime since I have done this during the week but given some things that was happening much more aggressive and strategic prayers were needed.

After praying and waiting to hear what the Lord would say, He gave me the name of a female singer.

Pray for her.” He instructed.

She has reigned for decades. Many generations have been singing her tune. The Devil presented her with fame and fortune. She took it and rose to prominence. Many were taught to celebrate the material lifestyle. Now the enemy will move against her. Already he plans to cut short her life.”

I saw masses of people wearing black. Their heads where bowed low. Some had black handkerchiefs to their face as they wiped tears. Nations mourned her passing. Once again the world was in shock. This was unexpected.

Heaven has gained an angel“, they will say.

Not so says“, the Lord. “She is not mine. She sold her soul. Now she reaps her reward.”




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