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We Are United Colors

Good day family! I know there is a current outpouring of anger on the streets. Many people are expressing their anger at the brutality inflicted by some members of the police force and the racial divide. If we are not careful we will begin to cast a very wide nets that label anyone with a different opinion or who lacks knowledge of us as racist. Just recently I had an experience that assured me that we are more united than we think.

On Wednesday I had some packages to mail. The Post Office was only 2.5 miles away so I had a bright idea. Why not walk! It would be an excellent opportunity to catch up on exercise. Caring for an elderly relative and the quarantine had hindered that for months. Why not to for it! As I thought about it the idea of making it into a prayer walk made it more appealing. Not only would I pray for the neighborhoods but I could also converse with the Holy Spirit.

“Holy Spirit I am available for you to use. What should I wear?” I said out loud as I invited Him into my day.

After praying I felt the urge to wear full black. Not just full black. I wanted the outfit to communicate a message. ‘BTrue2U’ the shirt shouted. ‘Christian for Life’ the hat smiled in radiant yellow letters. I hoped the words encouraged someone.

Off I went to the Post Office. True confession, I did not wear a mask or glove. I had them in my pockets. I just did not put them on. We (my household) have been walking in faith in the power of the name of Jesus and the covering of His blood. We absolutely believe the greater One lives in us. The same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead. We know His power is sufficient to stop COVID-19. We have seen that power work to heal others. Only when necessary, without resistance, do we comply with the wearing of the mask and gloves.

During the quarantine, my wife and I chose to walk by faith during the quarantine. Everywhere we went the atmosphere felt oppressive. We could feel the fear and oppression on the people. Sometimes it was almost unbearable. As we sensed what was happening we began to silently pray for the people and just release the power of the Holy Spirit on anyone that came within 20 feet of us. We would also command the angels to visit their home to free them from the oppression and move them towards the freedom of salvation. It completely changed how we viewed going on the streets. (What has it been like for you?)

Back on point. After mailing the packages I witness a fight just a few yards from the Post Office. No! People were not fighting. Two species of animals were fighting. A poor squirrel happened to run up the trunk of the wrong tree. I don’t know what was his intentions but two birds were not having it. They stood their ground and attacked him. One after another they attacked. Finally the squirrel had enough. It leaped to another tree and ran for dear life. I was laughing at the incident but couldn’t help notice the irony of the moment. The scene was reflective of the protests happening in some cities.

Moments later, as I was 50 yards away from the entrance to our home, an elderly Filipino woman walked up to me.

“Hi! I am …. You are?”

Her face lit up with the warmest and widest smile I had seen all day. Her right hand was offered with her words.

“I am Michael.” I responded.

“I guess we are not doing social distance then.” I mused to myself.

I was loving it! Of course, I immediately reached out and shook her hand. Contact! The first with a stranger in two months. When our hands met, I felt the power of the Holy Spirit surge through me. As we briefly shook hand the power kept flowing.

We chatted like old friends. She gave me a brief history of the make up of her family. Married to a white gentleman. Grandmother to black children. The products of a marriage by her daughter to an African American. As she spoke about them I saw the joy and love for her grandchildren radiating in her smile.

“That stupid cop should not have killed the man. How could he do that to another human being. My husband is so upset.” She then took a few minutes to express her disgust with what happened.

I walked away with renewed faith in humanity. the encounter was a reminder that we must be careful how we judge. We do not always get the dynamics between the races right. Some never will. Some do not want that. Yet that should never stop us from striving to make a difference. As we took one life we will make a difference. That may influence their generation. It may also impact the people connected to them.

As I walked away I reflected on everything. What lead her to express her feeling about the killing of George Floyd with me? Was it my skin color? An hour later, I decided to share the encounter on Facebook. As I opened I saw a post in full black. BLACKOUT TUESDAY was at the center. Now I understood! My clothing made a statement that drew her attention.

The Holy Spirit used that moment to ensure we both were reminded that there is far more that connects us than separate us. The differences in the color of our skin is to be celebrated. It makes life exciting. It gives expression to the wonder and awe of God’s tapestry.

Photo by ATC Comm Photo from Pexels

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