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Revival Is Not An Event

Today is a special day. It is the day of Pentecost! No doubt many church folks are very excited. Saints are gathering online and offline to experience a great move of God.

For several weeks lots of prophets, apostles and leading ministers have been sharing their experiences. Some have gone to heaven. Some had powerful angelic visitations. Some have a word from the Lord. In all of them there is a common thread. God will greatly compensate us for all we have endured with the pandemic. God will answer the month of corporate and individual intercessions and pour out His Spirit today. He has to. It is after all the anniversary of Pentecost (or Shavuot if you observe the festivals of God).

I have carefully listened to everything and kept my mouth shut. Experienced has taught me to be quick to listen but slow to speak (James 1:19). Never once did I ask God what He was saying. I simply left it alone and heeded His instructions to push forward on the projects given at the start of the year.

I was not asking but God responded to my thoughts. Just before waking Friday morning I had a dream about the anticipated revival. In the dream I saw a respected woman of God standing before a wheel of fortune. The prizes on the wheel was different movements and gifts of the Holy Spirit. People came forward as she spun the wheel for them. Whatever the wheel fell on they took and walked away. When I woke I asked the Lord for understanding of the dream but none came immediately.

Hours later I kept hearing REVIVAL IS NOT AN EVENT! As I went about the day I kept hearing it again and again and again. No matter what I did I was hearing those words been repeated. When I sought God for understanding He said this:

I came on the day of Pentecost. On that day my Spirit was poured out upon the people. I am not going to pour out my Spirit again in that same way. Stop expecting me to do that! Yes! Acknowledge the day. But know that the festival was meant to also look for the day when Christ Jesus returns as reigning King and judge of all the earth.

He has done everything to ensure all the gifts and blessings of the Holy Spirit are given to us (believers). You must use what is given to accomplish the work. When you have used what is given then more will be given. The entire world is waiting for what is given to be used to the fullness so that the body of Christ will come to maturity. The Word is waiting for the sons and daughters of God to come forward.

God has already revived you. The day He baptized you with His Spirit is the day He revived you. He did it to equip you to win souls for the Kingdom. To guarantee your success the Holy Spirit came to dwell in you. To guide you into all truths.

He has given you His Spirit. With the Holy Spirit came all the gifts. Everything needed is already in Him. He is fire. Now you must stay on fire. He made you hot! He would rather that you are hot or cold. If you are lukewarm He will spit you out!

When we examine history we will see that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (revival) came after people sought God with all their heart. It did not happen because people were denied the opportunity to indulge in their entertainment. It came in answer to those who truly sought Him for days, weeks, months and years. Today we will acknowledge the many revivals that have happened in the past-Azusa Street, Pensacola, Welsh revivals and many others. Our time of quarantine has only allowed us to be refreshed. We got a reset.

We must continue those hours of prayer for a while longer. As we do we must also take the time to share the gospel with others around us. We must remove the limits from God. If we seek to be used by Him to heal then get around others who believe in healing. Read the scriptures and then go out to pray for others to be healed. Be compassionate towards others. Let God use you to release them from their suffering and bondage.

Prayer, fasting and the Word must become a lifestyle. A daily diet.

Seekers Are Welcome

The Lord Jesus is looking for a people that will abandon all to come after Him. He is looking for individuals who are committed to the saving of lives. Not their own empire. Not their own will. People who will lay down their lives. Those who are willing to endure the tests, trials and temptations. Those who will not let go of the horns of the altar but will press in with the whole heart. Those are the people that He will pour out His Spirit upon. He will set them ablaze for the work to save souls.

Will you be that person? Will you be revived and stay revived?

Matthew 9:35-38 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition

35 And Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the good news (the Gospel) of the kingdom and curing all kinds of disease and every weakness and infirmity.

36 When He saw the throngs, He was moved with pity and sympathy for them, because they were bewildered (harassed and distressed and dejected and helpless), like sheep without a shepherd.

37 Then He said to His disciples, The harvest is indeed plentiful, but the laborers are few.

38 So pray to the Lord of the harvest to [a]force out and thrust laborers into His harvest.


Photo by George Webster from Pexels

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