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When Protests Lack Meaning

Words cannot describe how I feel to see the senseless destruction of properties in Atlanta, Minnesota and other states.

As one who led a peaceful protest of co-workers for workplace equality. I understand the impact that a protest can make. We stood up for change for two years. In the end we walked away from the bargaining table with most of our demands satisfied. This was during a time when the economy was in ruins and there were many layoffs (or right-sizing as companies call it). I have helped organize students to effect change with our degree program at the University. When we left the bargaining table the President and Chief Financial Officer immediately made the changes to the program that released students from the 150% increase in tuition fees. A year later I was among students that appealed to the university council to change the degree so evening students do not have to struggle for 6.5 – 8 years to get their degree. Today it is possible to complete the degree in 4 years. The same time as a full-time student if you do summers. I have marched on the streets in solidarity of national change in Jamaica. Trust me I understand what it means to mobilize for change.

Trust me when I tell you, you do not win when protests descends into violence and mere show of rage. You must realize that protest lacks meaning and fails to get the desired result when it descends into chaos and violence.

My heart goes out to the numerous people who have suffered loss of jobs, business and property as a result of mob mindlessness. This in no way honors George Floyd or pushes the needle towards justice and racial equality.

#praying #disappointed #georgefloyd #notoviolentprotests

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Image by Fajrul Falah from Pixabay

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