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Farewell Ravi Zacharias

It is with mixed emotions that I am sharing that another general, Ravi Zacharias, has gone home. A few weeks ago, when I heard that he had gotten a cancer diagnosis I felt that he was being attacked by the enemy. As I thought about praying for his healing, a peace came over me. Within my inner man I had a witness of what would be the final outcome. I did not pray for his healing. Instead I prayed that he would not suffer or experience any pain.

I felt that Although the attack came from the enemy, God would use it to call him home.

In all honesty, I did not think that his passing would be so soon. I did not press the Lord to ask if it would be very soon.I was talking to my wife about him last week Saturday and found myself saying, “it’s the changing of the guards. The Lord is taking him home to glory“.

I know heaven rejoiced at His coming. He was a fierce defender of the faith. He has stood many times in the face of great opposition to convincingly argue that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.

I pray that the Lord will transfer His mantle to many who will boldly stand in the middle of opposition, criticism, ridicule, abuse and even death to provide irrefutable arguments in defense of the gospel, in the corridors of power, academia, politics, business, economics, and every sector of human existence. I pray that the Lord will also anoint them with power, strength and ability to demonstrate the Kingdom of God, just like Apostle Paul.

Sleep in peace beloved servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Heaven welcomes a son. The angels and saints in glory rejoice at your coming.


Father, I ask that you strengthen the family in this hour. Please grant unto them your peace. Help them to mourn for a time but to rejoice at the revelation of his reward. He has run a good race. He has finished his course. Now there remains a crown of life awaiting him.

Raise up sons and daughters to continue the ministry. To continue to plow the filed for your Glory. May they go forward with the fire of Elijah and the wisdom of your words on their lips. To turn the heart of the children and parents to you.

We ask this in Jesus name.


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