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Revival is Here

So this happened on Friday at 1 pm. I was feeling extremely tired. After fighting the sleep for a while I decided to sit down beside my wife on the couch. The moment I joined her I fell asleep. I immediately began having a series of visions. In the last one, I saw myself with several people. Some were very wicked in their imagination. I decided to separate from them to go down to the South.

Along the path to my destination was a beautiful war garden. It had many, many tropical and ornamental flowers. Very tall trees also were along the path. I was enjoying the garden and everyI was very happy. For a good bit of time I enjoyed that environment then I remembered that I had a responsibility with the group I was with. So I headed back to them. Along the way I saw them. They had come looking for me. Everyone of them wore very warm clothing.

“We are going up North. It is snowing.”

“No. I will not be going with you”, I responded. “I will stay here where it is warm and Sunny.”

My clothing stood in stark contrast to their clothing. I wore a white t-shirt and multi-colored shorts.


I realized the Lord was showing me that there would be snow. This is a sign of the spiritual cleansing that God is about to do.

Revival is here.

We are in the beginning wave of the new move of God.

The Confirmations

I went to bed at 6 am on Saturday morning and was awaken by blinding white lights and voices. Wh0ever was speaking was having a conversation which sounded like a meeting. For a moment I thought my wife was leaning over me with her phone on.

“The bright light must be phone screen”, I thought. “The voices must be a vide0 she was watching. Why would she use that to wake me. She knew I went to bed just this morning. Why is she waking me so early?”

When I jumped up from sleep, the little missus was indeed on the phone. Her back was towards me but the sound was very low. I tried going back to sleep. Well that was no good. Once again I saw the brilliant white lights. My eyes began hurting. The brightness was more than I could bare. I became afraid that if I continued to see it I would go blind. So I opened my eyes and jumped up.

For few seconds I pondered on what I had just seen. Then I began sharing the vision with my wife. As we talked she got up from the bed. Walked over to the left windows and opened the blinds. To our surprise it was snowing. A half inch layer of snow rested on the rooftops, cars, lawn and trees. Large snowflakes were falling.

“It’s snowing!” We exclaimed.

I could not believe it. Atlanta was experiencing snow. Now that was completely unexpected.

The red digits on the clock flashed 10:48 am.

I just stared at the window. I could not believe it. God had confirmed his word so rapidly. I did not expect it to snow. Just yesterday I saw the vision of snow and now it was happening.


The more I pondered on the details of Friday’s vision was the more I realized I did not have all the interpretation. Something was missing. I am a dreamer. God does show me visions but I still get a lots of dreams. Sometimes eight to ten dreams in one night. Experience has taught me to pay attention to every detail in the dream. God’s message is revealed in various layers of the scenery, colors, characters and situation. I did get an understanding of the Friday’s vision but the people. Something about them did not sit well with me. I felt they were were more than mere human beings. Their clothes looked raggedy and a bit surreal. The fashion did not match ours. They looked more like rags than clothes. The people’s features were also not clearly seen. Now most times when God shows me demons that’s how I see them. They look half-human but there are distortions in their appearance. In my gut I felt the people who were leaving were demons.

Two hours later I went on Facebook share a written post about God’s confirmation of the vision when I saw a friend suggestion for a lady.

“Apostle. She is an Apostle.” I heard the Holy Spirit testifying of her calling.

I felt drawn to her profile. The pull was so strong that I accessed it and began scrolling down to read her posts. There on her profile was a post from another Apostle. My eyes immediately saw ‘Bob Jones’. That mention of God’s prophet made me pause and read. In the post she detailed a the death and funerals of Bob Jones, Paul Cain and John Paul Jackson the ‘Kansas City Prophets’. They all died in February. They were all buried on February 22. Before Bob Jones died he prophesied the beginning of the greatest revival that we have ever seen. Bob had stated that when the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl revival will begin. That occurred just last weekend. They made history with their win. She and some two women had seen Bob Jones in a dream wearing a similar clothing to the Kansas City Chief’s jersey. He wore a red shirt and white shorts in the dreams. The number 14 was on his shirt in the dreams. These women had the dream at different times. They did not live in the same location. Supernaturally God allowed them to be connected and to share the dream of Bob Jones. They all felt it was confirmation of the revival he had prophesied.

2 Peter 3:9

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is long suffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

Our Response

We must begin praying for revival. Many hours must be committed to daily prayer. We must persist with prayer in the spirit for hours. We are in the season of revival. We must be fervent in prayer.

Obedience to the Holy Spirit is key. We do everything as He has instructed us. There is no time to be slack in doing the work of the Lord.

The seed of revival is here. Let us get on our face. Fasting, prayer and time in the word is essential. This is no time to be distracted.

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