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God Never Forgets A Promise | Marriage By Design

Earlier tonight at rehearsal I had to walk to the balcony for my scene. As I walked up the stairs the words to the song ‘He’s Always Been Faithful’ had me reflecting on God’s faithfulness. He’s truly been faithful even when I forgot. Faithful when I doubted. Tim and time again He’s proven Himself to be faithful.

In November 2014 a few months after the Lord told me to join Tucker First United Methodist Church I was in a Sunday Service when the Lord told me that Tameika and her son would join me in Georgia and they would come to the church. At the time she was my girlfriend.

My response was “Lord she is very comfortable in New York. I do not see her moving to Georgia but if you say so. Then let your will be done.” I thought about it for a little while but soon forgot about what He had said.

In April 2017 I came to visit my sister and provide support for my cousins who were being honored by a group of fellow Apostles. God stepped in and a weekend visit became a permanent stay. The Lord told me not leave.

“Your family needs you”, He said.

I was so fixated on going back to assist my cousins in their ministry that the Lord spoke to me for that entire weekend about the need for me to not leave. A few days after I decided to stay, He told me to invite my girlfriend to visit on June 1, 2017. Yes! He gave me that exact date. In the evening of May 30, 2017 she arrived with Mekhi, her son. Little did we know what was about to happen!

Two days later God turned her world upside down. On the morning of June 1, 2017 she received a call that changed her life! Her boss called to inform her that the workplace was permanently closed. The reason for being in New York was completely removed. No job meant there was no more excuses for not moving.

As she cried out to the Lord he reminded her that He told her several months before that she was to move to Georgia. New York was closed. Return was only to gather a few stuff and to say goodbye to family and friends. That day the Lord told her to go purchase work clothes. She acted in obedience and bought the clothes. A few weeks later after returning from New York she was given a permanent job. Now this job was one that the Lord told her He would provide for her in July 2016.

That was not all. Once again, the Lord proved faithful to HIS WORD.

After my girlfriend was settled we decided to get married. We had waited for many years as the Lord prepared us for our live together. We took our coming together as a sign that we should press ahead to get married. All plans were made. And a date secured for early November. As the date drew nearer I felt a crushing burden on me. I could not explain what was happening. Prayer did not remove the burden. It got so unbearable that I cried out to God for help. Immediately as I did He told me to cancel the wedding.

All God said was to cancel. There was nothing else to work with. Our relationship was now in limbo. My girlfriend felt disappointed, hurt, rejected, betrayed, etc, etc. I had built her hoped up. She had made compromises and set her heart on the date only to be told I had decided to cancel. I strongly doubt she believed God had spoken to me. Her heart was put on the line only to hear the plans were off. There was nothing certain about us moving forward. Just God said no! Our relationship became strained.

I did not know what to do with the ring. The enemy told me to send it back but I did not feel that was what ought to be done.

A few weeks later, on Sunday December 12, 2017 as I was getting dressed to go to church for the Christmas play the Lord told me to take the engagement ring. He then instructed me to propose at the end of the play. I had zero time to plan. All I could do was act in obedience.

When the ring was placed on my girlfriend’s finger the Lord reminded me of His promise in November 2014 that she would attend the church. That day was the fulfillment of His promise and ultimate plan. After the Holy Spirit spoke to me in 2014 lots of things happened that made me doubt His word coming to past. Then other events made me completely forget what He had said but God proved faithful. He proved that I could count on Him to ALWAYS REMEMBER HIS PROMISE. Looking back I feel so stupid for having doubted. Scripture has proven countless times that He always maintains His promises. I knew from scripture that God told Abraham that He would give Canaan to His descendants. Before that day came they would go to Egypt and be enslaved for 400 years. He would visit them and bring them out with a strong hand. (See Genesis 15:13-15). Approximately six hundred years later God fulfilled his promise. The nation of Israel, Abraham’s descendants were given the land.

Psalm 105:42 For He remembered His holy promise to Abraham His servant.

Be encouraged. God always remembers his promise even when we forget. Never forget that! If you do not remember anything that I have said. Please remember that GOD IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL. Please do your best to live for Him. Every promise He has made. Every thing He has said will be done for you. He is always faithful.

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