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Prayer for the Children

My heart is grieving for the children today. I sat on the side of my bed for almost two hours and just wept. Tears streamed down my face. as the moanings and groanings of the Holy Spirit took a hold of me.

A voice rises from Ramah—
        mourning and bitter weeping are heard day and night.
    The voice is Rachel’s; she’s weeping for her children.
        She will not be comforted,
        for her children are no more. – Jeremiah 31:15, The Voice Bible

Satan is attacking our children. He is determined to destroy them. We must take authority over our household and pray for our children daily. Cover them with the blood before they leave. And bind any demonic spirits that is working to hinder their destiny.

Last night I got news about two families whose children were almost in grave danger. In each situation a child threatened to harm children in the school. I was not aggressor. I was not angry that a youth is so duped that the thinking is that this solves their problem. Deep in my heart, I was grieved. Prophetic lamentation ceased my soul as the Holy Spirit grieved for the things hat occurred in these young lives to drive them to accommodate such depraved thoughts. And for the labels that will be placed on them. Labels that will cause people to throw them away.

I know the natural reaction is to take all precaution to separate them from the school community. The primary responsibility of the administrators is to ensure that the good children are safe. These troubled children may be locked up or placed in an institution that caters to troubled youths. That is the natural response.

I cannot fault the administrators and security personnel for taking this action. But I wonder what will become of these little ones. I am weeping for them. I am weeping for other children who have been overtaken by these high levels of anger that clouds their judgment.

Society is increasingly merchandizing depravity to the youth and think that there will be no repercussion. Netflix and other media empires makes suicide, drugs, teen sex and profanity look kool in their movies. Games desensitize them to violence, especially shooting a person. And we do not stop to think about the impact of the exposure that is happening with the children in the homes.

Children in my generation were exposed to many wrong things but I believe their were more safe places. The level of depravity that is being fed to them on television was not there.

We need to protect the innocence of the children and teach them values and attitudes that make them better citizens. Especially values that help them to cope with stress, bullying, being an outcast, among other things.

Many are coming from broken homes. Some have no home. They have faced much. In some instances far too much at a young age. Much care and intervention is needed.

My heart is crying for these children.

Photo by Dazzle Jam from Pexels


Father, hear my hearts cry. Be a shield around our children. Guide and protect them Abba Father. Raise up care-givers, guardians, parents and counselors with a heart of love and compassion for the lost children. We know that it is not your desire that children be born into broken homes and very bad situations. It is the presence of sin in the world has caused these situations to occur. But you are a bigger God. You are greater than the situation. You are greater than the circumstances of their birth. Jesus was born in a stable yet you raise him up to become a great leader and the Savior of the world. Father do it for them. Give them people who will love and care for them. I pray for those angry children who desired to harm others. I bind the spirits controlling their lives and I loose peace, I loose soundness of mind to them, in the name of Jesus. Father turn around their error Lord. Help them not to be shun for life. Turn around their life for your glory.

Father I ask that you restore peace into the school and classrooms. I pray that you will grant peace of mind to the children who have been affected by the occurrences. I bind the spirit of fear that will seek to overtake them. I release peace to them now, in the name of Jesus. May their days once again be filled with joy and laughter. I release focus and creativity to your children, in the name of Jesus. Guard their heart and mind with your peace, in Jesus name.

And Father I pray for the teachers. Lord in High School I read an commentary in which the a vision of the future was cast. Teachers were required to know martial arts, be trained in hand to hand combat and skilled in the use of multiple weapons. I laughed then. To my teenage mind it was hilarious. Father, as I hear about school shootings I am no longer laughing. I am crying. I cry for the children whose life have abruptly ended. I cry for their parents who must live with the lost of their dear one(s). Father your presence is needed in the schools.

We have moved prayers from school. The Bible is removed from schools. Everything abominable is welcomed. Very few are fighting to ensure the children’s innocence is protected. Abba, Father, turn everything around. Intervention programs are needed to teach life skills that allow children to strive above their situations and circumstances.

If we adults can be stopped by hardship. These little ones will be even more affected. Lord please help them to have a voice to express their fears and cares. Grant patience to us and all adults to listen. To nurture and care for them.

It takes a village to care. Holy Spirit I pray that you will stir the saints to pray for children that they see daily. May they not pass them without uttering a word of prayer for them or using each opportunity to show love and compassion; to plant a good seed in them. Seeds of godly principles that make them a better individual.

Guard them their souls I ask, in the name of Jesus.

Thy will be done here on earth, as it already is done in Heaven. Amen!

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

Featured image credit: Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

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