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Elizabeth Warren The Dark Horse | Prophecy

As I watched an interview with Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren two weeks ago I realized that I had not asked the Lord about the candidates. In that moment I begun to ask the Lord what He was saying about the candidates. Then I heard Him respond with this:

“Dark horse.”

“What do you mean Lord?” I asked.

“Elizabeth Warren is a dark horse. Pay attention to her,” came His response.

Once again He repeated that was said.

I had heard the term before but did not know what it meant. defines this as a horse race term. It is used to describe a horse that enters a race as the least likely one to win. To everyone surprise the unlikely contender ends up winning the race.

How is Elizabeth Warren a dark horse? She is easily underestimated. She is underestimated. The news is amused by her. She is does not have the look of the typical woman of power-an iron lady. She looks more like Martha Stewart. A mother that wants to make your home the perfect place to live.

But this is the error of her opponents. Be not fooled by her outward appearance. Her warmth appeals to the people. They find her relatable and believe she is sincere. Sincerity is a quality that a jaded public is looking for in a candidate. They want to trust the candidates. They want to believe that they can identify with their needs and are willing to fight for them. Ms. Warren typifies those qualities in the eyes of the people.

She will rise as a major contender for the Presidential candidacy. Watch her.

Prayer Request

Please pray for the will of God to be accomplished with the upcoming elections in the United States of America. There is increased threats against the church.

Many Democratic candidates have publicly said they will bring renewed pressure on the church. Some have pledged to impose sanctions in an attempt to force the church to disregard biblical principles. Abortion and same-sex marriage are just two of the things they want to force the church to accept.

Make no mistake, these are the beginning of greater persecution against the church. The rights and freedom of the saints is being trampled. No bible-believing Christian will be exempt from persecution.

What starts in the United States will only empower worldwide persecution. The Unites States is the greatest democracy on the earth. Policies undertaken by this nation influences the world. As they increase the persecution of saints it will mean greater persecution worldwide. Many other nations will follow. We are currently seeing increased persecution in nations such as England.

Credit: Image from Flicker by Gage Skidmore

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