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Say Goodnight | Ecclesiastes 7:8 | Daily Meditation

Better is the end of a thing than the beginning of it, and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit’. – Ecclesiastes 7:8

I love the conclusion of a good novel; especially a thriller. As I engage with the text my imagination comes alive. I am taken on a joyous roller coaster ride through its complex plot. The voice of the characters echoes in my ear as I listen intently. Each scene comes alive as I follow their interaction and picture it against the backdrop of the surrounding. For those brief moments I am totally absorbed into that world. Although, I love how everything comes together masterfully but my focus is on how everything ends. I want to know. I have got to know how it ends. As I reach the end I look back with joy at the sleepless nights and endless days spent pouring over the text. Just to satisfy my curiosity.

I am sure you will agree that in most instances we have some idea of how a story will end. Be it told in a movie, book or play. Breadcrumbs are always given to hint at the possible outcome. If you have watched the highest grossing movie of all times I am sure you will agree that you had some idea of how things would end. You know the Avenger’s Endgame would be to let Thanos have what is due to him. The comics already made it clear. The numerous articles also restated that he would lose. How he lost was just not clear. So we were willing to devote three hours to see how it all unfolded. We knew that good would triumph over evil. We knew that no matter how dark it got the heroes would save the day. When they won we cheered and cheered and cheered. The end was indeed better than the beginning.

It is a pity that sometimes we do not have that same zest for life. We want every step to be predictable. When we can’t determine what our next steps will be we panic. We forget that this is just another moment in a series that make up the sum of our existence. The length of time doesn’t matter. It is just a moment. Like any other moments it too will pass. There is a definite conclusion. A definite ending. Between the ending and the beginning are lessons.

If we miss the lesson we will not learn from the moment. We will loose out on what God is saying or doing.

I cannot tell you how many people I have met that have wasted huge chucks of their life simply because they have forgotten that everything must have an end. Most times there ability to move forward comes from holding on to an old relationship or a very traumatic incident from the past. In the process of not allowing it to end they have not reconciled the fact they have survived what has stopped others. The process was painful. The lessons have been learnt. Now is the time to close the door. Now is the time to release it to the Lord.

Healing can only come when we accept the end. Give the trauma to Jesus. Forgive. Receive healing. Learn the lesson. Learn the lesson and celebrate the change.

One day a friend found out the importance of accepting the end of a relationship when she discovered she has breast cancer. As we begun to command the healing, the Lord said she must forgive and release her ex-husband. At first she refused. How could she forgive the betrayal, rejection and abandonment? Why her and not him? For days she wrestled with God until finally she conceded. When she did the Lord removed the cancer. Bitterness had contaminated her thoughts and eventually attacked her body. By forgiving him and releasing him. She found peace. Her joy at the end.

In 1958 the Burns and Allen Show would conclude with George Burns turning to his wife and uttering “Say Goodnight Gracie”. Her face would radiate with the brightest smile as she turned to the audience. With a soft gently tone, just above a whisper, she would say “Goodnight!”. Gracie Allen and her husband then raise their hands, slowly bow their head and step backwards behind the curtains.

We must always remember that we have control. We decide the end. Accept the lessons of the moment but never, never forget to say ”goodnight!.

Better is the end than the beginning.

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay



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