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Show Me the Way of Love | 21 Days of Love | Day 1

Sometimes we spend so much time pushing, scratching and scraping to rise to the top that we forget the way of LOVE. Jesus taught us that love fulfills the commandment.

Firstly love of God. With everything in us we must love Him. Secondly, we must love our neighbor as we love yourself. Our neighbor is anyone we come into contact with at any given time during the day. Not just our family.

The good Samaritan was an outcast. Not one of the chosen people. Not a saint but His good work found favor in the sight of God. Our Father God is more concerned with our acts of mercy and love than our anointing and sanctification. Never forget that. (Please read Luke 10:25-37).

Last month one Sunday I and my wife were attempting to leave home very early in the morning to get a side job done. Try as we might we could not go to the office. Someone was there working. What we had to do required the building to be empty. Thankfully the owner called and informed us that we were not to go as yet. I was a bit agitated by it. I will not lie to you. I wanted to get the work done as quickly as possible. I was not looking forward to going in the late afternoon. But it could not be helped. We went at the convenient time. Prayed and covered the organisation as we usually did. Then set about performing the work very quickly. While working I listened to a training and kept praying in tongues. Both of us working to together completed the work in record time. I was looking forward to get back home and enjoy a second helping of dinner. As we were about to turn off the main road to we saw someone standing by the side of his car. The hood was opened and he just stood there with his hand folded. We watched as he proceeded to lay on the ground and place his hand behind his head.

For a minute I thought I probably should help him. Then as soon as that thought came I had another thought.

“Keep driving. He may be waiting on roadside assistance. You are black he may think you are there to do him harm.”

I foolishly listened to this voice instead following the first voice. Do you know that the first voice you hear is always the voice of God. The Holy Spirit will always lead you to do good. Thankfully for a helpmate. My wife turned the car around and went straight to him. I was like looking at her sideways. I knew that was not her. The Lord had taken control and moved her.

His car needed a battery jump-start but we were unable to do so. He though needed more. We noticed he seemed very downcast and offered to pray for him. At that moment he opened up and begun to share all that was happening to him. For years he has been unemployed and was experiencing problems ongoing problems with his car that he was not able to easily rectify. We were unable to help him with some money but we prayed with him. And shared our testimony of the numerous times the Lord has provided for us.

A relative came. Gave him a jump-start and they drove off together.

A we got into our car we realized the moment was God-ordained. The guy needed the prayer of agreement to bring changes in his life. And an act of kindness to restore hope.

As you go please remember to share the love of God with the people around you. You never know who you are touching.

Have you loved today?

Credit: Original photo by from Pexels. Slight adjustments were made using


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