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Daily Meditation – He Binds Up the Broken | Psalm 147:3

Psalm 147:3

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds [curing their pains and their sorrows].

We live in a world where anything broken is quickly discarded. If a dish breaks we throw it out. If a chair gets broken, we throw it out. Repairs and refurbishing is done by a select few. Those who cannot afford to purchase something new or the hobbyists. I do believe there are valid reasons for discarding some damaged items. Up until recently I had that mindset but as I underwent my own transformation process I realized quickly discarding what was is broken is not always the best solution.

In Japan, there is a wonderful practice of preserving a broken item. It’s called kintsugi or kintsukuroi. The philosophy begin the practice teaches an excellent lesson about the value of being broken. Broken dishes or pottery are not to be discarded but preserved. When an item gets broken, all the pieces are gathered and it is repaired. A glue that provides a very shiny finish is mixed with gold, silver or platinum. It is used to bond the broken pieces together. The cracks are hidden. The glue fills that space. The restored piece now looks beautifully imperfect. Why you may ask?They believed the entire story of the object is important. There is no embarrassment. You do not throw it out. Its journey is to be celebrated. Every crack tells a story. A rich narrative about its journey.

Our life in Christ is very much like a kintsugi item. We come to Him broken. He pours in the substance that will provide healing and restoration. That substance is the Holy Spirit. As we cast our cares on Him and allow the finished work of the cross to be realized in our life, we become a new person. The change firstly occurs on the inside. That occurs instantly. Then it slowly becomes visible on the outside.

Our past may be messed up and we just want to forget it and move on. But God says, “NO! Put it on display. Allow the world to see it. Let them know where you have been. And what I have done for you. Your process of overcoming was not just for you. It is there to light the way for others. In your pain, of the past, is the healing for others. Your process reveals your destiny. Use it to help others. Let your testimony be a light in a dark place“.

Are you hiding from your past? It does not matter what it looks like or where you have been Jesus Christ is more than able to provide you with the change you desire. He will use that broken part of you to be a blessing to many others. Cry out to Him for help. Surrender to His embrace. He loves you. He is here for you. Let him put His seal on you. You will shine like gold.

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