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Be Careful of the Pit You Dig For Another | Proverbs 26:27

Proverbs 26:27

Whoever digs a pit [for another man’s feet] shall fall into it himself, and he who rolls a stone [up a height to do mischief], it will return upon him.

This is a prophetic admonition recently released by Prophet Alexis on Facebook. I thought this would greatly bless you. Given his heart for building people I took the liberty of posting this message now, at 3 am, without first speaking to him. I know I am prevailing on his good graces but this is a messages that I know will bless you. Bon Apetit!

On Saturday night I felt a stirring in my heart to worship the Lord. I watched YouTube video after video of deep worship songs as I sang along to them. Afterwards I lied on my bed and meditated on a prophecy the Lord spoke to me about my leadership and life. Then I fell asleep.

I received a dream early Sunday morning that reminded me so much of a NOTE I wrote September 9, 2010. I posted this note that day on Facebook. I want to share both the dream and the note. I hope it will bless and encourage someone.


In my dream I was sitting behind the desk of a woman that appeared to be a supervisor in a local bank. Before me were applications and I was the one processing those applications for perspective clients/applicants. 

I saw the picture on an application of a good friend of mine among the lot.
In the natural I had never worked in a bank so I was trying to learn as much as I could as quickly as I could. The supervisor was there guiding me. 

Then a Government Minister who is actually an incumbent Government Minister in the current administration came close to the table and asked the supervisor “How is Alexis coming along?” The supervisor then told the Government Minister “ He is coming along very well!”

All of a sudden my attention was turned to my right in the dream and when I looked I saw two men sitting in wheelchairs at the entrance.

One of the men I saw his face “CLEAR AS DAY”. In reality this very person had tried to sabotage my ministry on different occasions. 

Yet here this person was crippled. The very thing the person had tried to do to me happened to him.

As I looked I saw an old cellphone in his hand. Do you know when people hold up there phones to try to secretly take pictures or video? This man was trying to secretly take my picture. Then I woke up out of the dream.


God doesn’t call perfect people to serve him but he knows people’s hearts. I may not know everything but I am willing to learn and God has made me a quick learner. That is one of the reasons why God has allowed me to advance more and more. He is causing me to grow in influence by allowing my gifts to make room for me so they can bring me before great men.
God who knows the future sees that if Alexis Brown is given certain positions of influence he can use me to help others obtain favour and the necessary approvals they need to help them fulfill their destinies. This is signified by the processing of the applications.

The truth is not everyone who makes it in life tries to help others rise.

As was true of young David, sometimes there are some Sauls who recognize the anointing of God on you and try to use their influence, positions and power to try get rid of you but who God bless no man curse!

I learnt at a very young age that when people rise up against you unjustly , Keep your heart right. God is a just God. When people dig a hole for you they might just be digging it for themselves. The very thing they tried to do to you can be the very thing that happens to them. 
The old cellphone is a reminder that some people will not change their old ways / habits. Nevertheless God can cause the enemy that once monitored your life closely to find ways to try destroy you to not only fail but to watch your life to see what other good things keep happening to you.

When I saw that man in the wheelchair I remembered my note “CORRECTING MISTAKES NOT CRIPPLING MINISTRIES”.

Be careful how you try to write off people. God may have a great calling on people’s life and you miss the blessing they could bring to your life because you misjudged them.

Read the note below and be blessed. I believe it contains wise words!


“Practice makes perfect” is a statement many of us have heard in our lifetime and in some cases have used. While the statement does carry an element of truth to it. We were not always informed that during the practice period our imperfections can be VERY OBVIOUS. Obvious to the degree that it can be discouraging to us as well as those who oversee our “Practices”. In the practicing period we can either draw the conclusion that we need to work harder or we are just not cut out for this. Though the scripture in the book of philippians have provided great comfort and encouragement to thousands of believers it causes others to wonder.

What scripture am I talking? ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”(Philippians 4:13). While we have to be objective and recognize when people are DEFINITELY not called to do certain things. We have to also be mindful that there are some who REALLY take a long time to perfect what they are REALLY called to do. There are so many today who have “thrown in the towel”. They have given up on their hearts’ desires simply because they made mistakes while on the journey of developing their giifts. What happens when someone we know truly has a prophetic calling on his/her life yet in his/her zeal to prophesy he/she PREDICTS something that was “OFF”. Do we blast that person as a FALSE PROPHET or do we recognize a person who is GENUINELY called but not HEARING CLEARLY?

What if someone is called to be a teacher in the church but we hear he/she coming with some STRANGE REVELATIONS do we blast that person as a false teacher? Sadly not everyone who has made mistakes in exercising their gifts have been given SECOND CHANCES to use them once they SLIP UP. To be fair, some of the people that make mistakes before they made the mistakes acted as if THEY HAD ARRIVED. Sadly it is often that pride that leads to some of those mistakes. But let us be careful that in our correction we don’t WIPE OUT or WRITE off potentially great women and men of God. If you feel you have given up your call because you made mistakes come back to the ONE who gave you the CALL. Even the Lord rebuked his disciples saying “HOW long shall I be with you”? when they failed to cast out a demon out of a possessed boy. Nevertheless he knew they were destined to be GREAT APOSTLES and arguably some of the greatest apostles the world had ever seen. Let us be mindful that the world is in need of more anointed people. The needs of the world are evident. Let us not be among those who are depriving suffering people of Vessels prepared to minister to their needs.

Credit: Prophet Alexis Brown is a Senior Pastor of Ariel Family Church of Love, in Jamaica. A respected and sought after speaker, conference host, consultant and thought leader, You may connect with him on:

Original Photo by Frans Van Heerden from Pexels

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