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Loosing the Parachute | Mystical Awakening

Loosing the Parachute | Mystical Awakinging

So this is day two of my journey. I am so pumped to run this race! Before I begun I made a quick assessment of some things that were necessary for success. Passionate pursuit. Check! Good. That was key. Next. Acceptance of Kingdom Assignment. Check! Next. Accepting that I am a Son of God. Check! Next. Rising above labels. What? Try as I might I could not check that off. The little boy inside wanted the approval of elders. He was still timid to step into the unknown. Yet God was not having it. He was taking me where others had not trod. Was I willing to take the plunge? Now this is where I struggled. This was the final chain of tradition that I needed to destroy. Paramount in moving forward was the acceptance of the label of ‘mystic’.

Mystic? To me the word was nebulous. It was like a murky swam, surrounded by overgrown trees and tall weeds, vines everywhere. Just evil looking. Just hearing the word I wanted to do exorcism. My cross was raised. The words “Satan the Lord rebuke you!”, was not far from my lips. I was ready to rebuke anyone with this label. They just seemed weird. And in need of Jesus. That was how religious I was (maybe borderline crazy). It never occurred to me that I should simply look up the word and do a little research. Thank God for the Holy Spirit. He will straighten you out. If you let Him!

“You are a mystic.” These were His words to me. For a moment I felt like saying “Devil I rebuke you!”. You know how we get when God says something that challenges our flesh or rattle our rational mind. I didn’t want to accept that moniker. Me? A precious saint. Seeker of God. Seeker of intimacy with the Divine Creator. Seeker of the revelation of His Word.

“How could He have called me that?”

I wouldn’t have made a difference if I asked if the Holy Spirit cussed occasionally. I was driving full speed down stupid street, without brakes.

“How did the Devil get into our conversation? The Presence of the Lord is so heavy. I thought it was impossible for him to be around when the Holy Spirit was present like this?”

I really struggled in that moment. The Holy Spirit knew my inner turmoil. Yet He chose not to say another word. He kept silent. It took months before I consulted the dictionary. As Brother Kenneth Hagin would say, “Bless your darling heart and stupid head!” There I was walking with God for a few years but still just as green as ever. Barely out of kindergarten in spiritual things. The more I learnt the less I realised I knew. I should have at least understood that a mystic was one that seeks unity with the Divine Creator and understanding of the mysteries. To us Christians that the Creator is Jesus Christ, our risen Savior and King. This term was used to characterize people who encountered the living God during the renaissance period. When Rome tried to kill the movement of the Holy Spirit.

Knowing the mysteries of God and encountering Him was always the longing of my heart. I gave up everything to follow Him. Everything to know Him better. To see Him. To talk with Him. I just never understood that it placed me in a group of peculiar people. People I scoffed at.

As I embraced the label liberty came. The gentleness of the Holy Spirit rested on my shoulders. Heavy weights lifted. Ecstatic joy flooded my spirit. I was restored again. I felt happy. People’s opinion no longer mattered. I did not care how they would respond to my acceptance of what God said. My title was irrelevant. I am more than a Prophet. I am a son of God! I will have fellowship with my Daddy! And that’s all that matters.

In the snap of a finger I was taken in a vision. Maybe trance is the better word. I lost consciousness of typing on the computer. Suddenly I was in the air. A few feet above the clouds. The canopy of the sky was above my head. I was laughing with wild abandon. My head drew back. My opened wide as laughter poured out deep from my belly. Then I reached out and loosed the straps of my parachute. I was falling and loving it. My confidence was in God. He would hold me up. I was lost in the joy of the Holy Spirit.

Deep Calls Unto Deep

“God has to take you into isolation. He has to clean you up. There are many things that have clung to you. He needs to clean you up before bringing you into the deep. There is a deep calling unto deep. Abba is calling you.” These were the words of Prophetess Brynda Kae Duncan to my wife and I.

We had just finished consecration for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The Lord’s two holy convocations. Days. God commanded us to observe these two Hebrew holidays from 2015 but it was not until last year that we took them seriously. I was privileged that God visited me on Rosh Hashanah. For a few minutes the weight of His glory flooded the room. I was lying face down on the Threshing Flood. With my eyes closed, I saw his feet and heard his voice. When I opened my eyes I did not see Him. After a few minutes he allowed me to rise and write. He then spoke to me for hours about my ministry.

Shortly after that event we met Prophetess Brenda. That was when she gave us the word. I was puzzled. But in my spirit I knew the word was true. We had encountered some far out practice, had to do many spiritual warfare, had to let go of many things and people. For almost two years were were isolated. I thought were stripped enough. To hear that there was more. I was not prepared for that. What more was necessary?

Final Surrender

Little did I know that when the Holy Spirit told me I was a mystic He was opening the door for another level of encounter with Him. But I was not listening. We can be so busy with our own agenda. Just working for the Kingdom. So busy we miss Him. We think that all our works is sufficient to satisfy him. ‘Works are the guarantee to get to heaven‘.

It took years but God had to strip that mentality from me. I started seeing myself in a new light. I am a son of God. Human validation is nice to have but it didn’t matter. What my Daddy thought of me was paramount. I grabbed a hold of the fire of His love. My eyes popped open to another revelation. I am complete in Jesus. Through Him I am righteous. Resting in him was important to overcome the struggles of the flesh. Relying on His work on the cross. That was the victory source of victory. No longer was I fasting to get something. I was simply maintaining my seat of authority through discipline, obedience and focus.

2 Corinthians 5:21

For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.

1 Corinthians 6:17

But the person who is united to the Lord becomes one spirit with Him.

What a joy it is to move pass the opinion of others. I am smiling inside. There is an overflow of joy. In Him I am complete. Lacking nothing. No devil in hell can stand against me. No witch or warlock. I am primed for the next wave of the glory! I want only you Jesus! I surrender all to you Lord!

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