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The Future is Now!

Last year August I had a wonderful spiritual experience that blew my mind. For two weeks I was walking in a state of semi-consciousness. Yes! God did something that just wrecked me for two solid weeks.

The Lord gave me a list people, who He said were my mentors. I quickly wrote them down. This was something I always wanted. But there was one little problem most were scattered across the globe in areas that made them impossible to reach. I was like thanks Lord. This confirms the pull had to watch their teachings on Youtube. Face-to-face was out of the question for now, so Be did the next best thing. I got their books.

Having mentored others before I wholeheartedly believe in having in the power and impact of one on one. When that’s not possible I believe the next best thing must be done. Learn indirectly from your mentor. If necessary have someone help you in the process.

I started listening to their teachings and was like “wooowww!!! These guys get me!”

Finally I was hearing people saying things God had been speaking to me. Most Christian leaders that I spoke to thought I was going too far. I was getting way out there and needed to be pulled back.

Translation Experience

I quickly purchased my Kindle books and settled down to read them. The first book that held my interest was Translation By Faith, by Dr Bruce Allen’s.

As I read the Holy Spirit kept talking to me. Experiences from the past were brought back to my memory. Scriptural references were given and revelation of some of the things stated. It felt good to finally have a vocabulary for the experiences.

When my hour of reading before bedtime ended I said very simple prayer of thanks to the Lord and went to sleep. What happened next was unexpected.

Almost immediately as my eyes closed I found myself in a project design room. Multi-disciplinary teams of engineers were working on a design. The car of the future were being created. Sketches and school were done. When they were satisfied they created small three-dimensional models. These were rigorously tested. Then prototypes were built. One after another the failed. At times progress was hindered by problems with design, materials, engines, navigational system, etc.

I could see the frustration on their faces. Yet they never gave up. They kept working.

Time and time they went back to the drawing board. Then finally they created a model that worked. On that day the era of the flying cars.

I was moved through time and space. I saw the model evolve to its perfected state. The cars no longer looked like hybrid helicopters.

Another feat in flying was now achieved.

Many flying cars were in the sky over the cities. Most humans now used this as the means of transportation.

I had the pleasure of flying in one. The lift and take off was smooth. It could easily accelerate to any altitude.

The vision was so vivid and the experience so real that I wondered if I was taken to the future. I had driven in one and felt the surface under my hands. I was not seeing it, I was living it!

Cars Evolving

Just recently I found myself talking lot about the vision of the flying cars during the Fresh Wind Hour (on Facebook). I was encouraging the saints to believe God for big things. More than they could imagine or hope for. Then last week my wife said she had seen a news report stating that the first flying cars will be available next year. When I interrogated her, she could not say where she had seen or heard it. That’s when she it hit her. She had not actually seen a video about. She was having Deja Vu.

See Flying Car that may be available next year

Now we know Deja Vu is really what happens when God takes you to the future and show you something but you are not aware until it happens. When the scene is unfolding you can tell the flow of the action; who will say what, how they will move, the aroma that will fill the air, etc.

I lived in this state while growing up. I could understand what was happening. Now when understand God was showing me things to come.

I realised God was saying something about these cars that I needed to know.

Just what was it? Yesterday, I realised what He needed me to know. About an hour after asking the question I got the answer.

A news report a flying car came my YouTube page. They were reporting the successful creation of a flying car. Next year 2019 and beyond it would be made available.

Then the Lord said this to me.

Further testing and amendment to legislation will husher in a new era for flight. People will begin to fly more than they drive.

The lord also reminded me of what He said to me five years ago. He has lots of inventions that are yet to be released.

Technological innovation will continue at a rapid pace. Robotics and other fields will see vast improvements. Engineers will breakthrough to create life-like models, with very fluid motion.

As mankind advances he will drift even further from God. Wickedness will increase significantly. Every evil imagination of the heart will be pursued. Ever perverted and indecent act will be shown on television during Prime Time.

Take Your Mountains

God loves the world and wants to save it. He needs us to step up and move from religion to intimacy. The time of His Kingdom is here. The Lord Jesus needs men and women who will move beyond the four walls. People who will be the light of the world.

We must take up our assignment in the various spheres of influence in the world. For years we have declared that ‘we are the head and not the tail’. It’s time to walk the walk and talk the talk. Our light must shine now!

The Bible has any examples of people of God who excelled above their brethren. Why? God was with them. They never settled for mediocre. They strived to be the best. God used them as solution providers. They were a light in dark a place. Never once did they bow to the systems around them. They held unto their confession of faith. Their unwavering commitment to God changed nations.

Where are the saints of uncommon faith?

God is calling you to arise and shine. He has need of you. He wants to use you. Right where you are. Starting right now!

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