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Killing Sacred Cows

I grew up in a non-traditional home. Mom didn’t require us to observe a lot of customs. There were many brothers around. Thanks to them I learnt spiritual warfare very early. Every meal I had to watch and pray. At school during prayer time we were always told to ‘clasp our hands, close your eyes and bow your head’. At home it was open your eyes, grab your fork and be watchful.

Satan would receive a sharp rebuke Satan would enter into the heart of one of my brothers. And they would try to snatch the chicken right ‘outa’ my plate. I didn’t know how to rebuke the devil. Looking back I realized that I only used the rod of correction – my trusty little fork. If hand moved close to my dish it would get poked.

Thankfully no one got injured. We knew how to defend our meal without letting it go too far.

At school, I told friends and strangers. I do not play the food games. Do not mess with my food. If I bought it, I will eat it. I will share but I am not going to allow you to snatch my meal. The love does not go that far. Ever!

Having kids changes that perspective. I had to learn to compromise. Back in the day. Dad’s got the biggest meal. You would wait for something to be left for you. Now kids believe they have a right to the biggest and the best. You do not give them that and they will just go ahead and eat something else. In my time we had a whole lot of options. Plenty of air. You do not eat? Then you suck up some air, drink water and go to bed. There was nothing else. Things have really changed. Some things that were sacred are being killed.

It leads me to my topic for today.

In the Bible, Solomon gave some great sacrifices to dedicate the first temple to the Yahweh. He didn’t just do the one or two cows. He had a great slaughter. Nothing like that had ever been done before. The sacrifices went on for days. It was gory.

Then the king and all the people offered a sacrifice before the Lord. 5 King Solomon offered a sacrifice of 22,000 oxen and 120,000 sheep. In this way the king and all the people dedicated God’s house. 6 The priests stood at their posts [ready for service], and the Levites also, with the musical instruments of the Lord which King David had made to praise the Lord, saying, “For His lovingkindness and mercy endure forever,” whenever David offered praise through their ministry. The priests were opposite the Levites blowing the trumpets and all Israel was standing.

7 Moreover, Solomon consecrated the middle of the courtyard that was in front of the house of the Lord, for it was there that he offered burnt offerings and the fat of the peace offerings because the bronze altar which he had made was not sufficient to hold the burnt offerings, the grain offerings, and the fat [all together].

~  2 Chronicles 7: 4-10

This was a bloody occasion. As bloody as it was the Priest loved it! They knew this sacrifice would move heaven. God would respond. They were in desperate times. Sacred cows had to be killed. The people were going astray from God. Israel was losing its vision. People were violating the traditions. They were going back to the worship of idols. Many felt lost. Their beloved leader had died. Some felt lost.

They needed direction. They wanted another David but God had given them a child to lead them. A mere boy. Only eight years old.

Solomon understood what he faced. All his life he heard he would be given the throne. Although their were older brothers to whom the throne belonged by tradition. God had stated through the prophet Nathan that the youngest was chosen to lead.

When Solomon came to power he faced:

  • Major sibling rivalry. Talk about family feud. One of His brother decided to kill his father, him and his mother and siege the throne.
  • He had a nation to lead. He lacked experience and the wisdom of years.
  • There were enemies inside and outside the courts. His father had arch-nemeses, haters that were just waiting for signs of weakness to attack the throne. He knew they would come for him, if he showed weakness.
  • To make matters worse, his father left him a to-do list. Things he did not complete he asked him to finish. On the list is his major project a temple..David wanted to do this with all his heart. God had given him a kingdom. Building a house for the Lord was the least he felt he could do.

Solomon had to abandon the traditions of seeking God. For some time he followed the people and offered sacrifices on the hill-tops and high places to hear from God. When he moved away from what others were doing and did things God’s way, the Lord answered him. God came to him by night in a vision. After he slaughtered the sacred cows. God answered and in one night he was changed. God anointed him to effectively rule the kingdom.

We have been given a greater wisdom than Solomon. Jesus said one greater than Solomon is here (Matthew 12:42). What He had we now have.

I have given to them the glory and honor which You have given Me, that they may be one [even] as We are one.

– John 12:27 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition

God had given us his glory. A greater glory than Solomon experienced in the temple. Even this is passing. Things are getting darker. There will be increased.

I Saw Satan Fell

Paul Keith Davis said in a recent vlog that he had a vision of greater evil being released from the bowels of hell. Things that were reserved for these last days. Among them was the spirit of Hitler.

Earlier this year, when there was a volcanic erupts in Hawaii and massive wildfire in a part of California that went for weeks. I kept hearing the Lord said it was a sign of hell being released on earth. Greater demonic forces are being released on the earth.

  • We will see increased xenophobia. The fear of strangers. More will be done against immigrants. Movement will be stopped. Only countries that are threatened with a dying population will open their doors to allows people to come. The need for survival will force their hand.
  • Fascism will rise again. Extreme nationalism and promotion of one race over another.
  • Antisemitism, the hatred of Jews, and signs of war against Israel will push us closer to world war 3.
  • Children will be rebellious. They will riot in the streets against the rule of law and order. Parental guidance will be ignored. It will be even harder to control them. Many will not desire God from a very young age. They will turn to the worship of Satan.
  • Women will be overcome by a spirit that causes them to war against man. They will abandon home. They will do as the fathers have done. There will arise a generation that will be responsible for themselves as soon as they exit the womb.
  • Jezebel and Delilah will rule. There will be a great number of prophets that will eat at Jezebel’s table.
  • Deception will be great. It will be harder to tell who is saint and who follows Satan. There will be lying wonders. Even the very elect may be fooled.

Sons of God

Fear not! God will not abandon His creation. He will ensure that a counter force is raised up in this hour that will stand against the armies of darkness.

Paul Keith Davis said in his vision as he pondered on the fate of the earth and wondered what will be done to combat this great evil that will be released on the earth, he heard a thunderous voice say, likewise the sons of light will arise’. The sons of light are men and women who are people who are firstly completely surrendered to the will of God. They have laid down their life to follow Christ. Everything that they love, own or have is placed under the Lordship of Christ. That includes career, relationships, ministry, diet, body, mind and soul.

Out of their surrender will come a tremendous outpouring of the anointing of God. They will move in greater levels of power and glory than we have ever seen. They will not seek fame, fortune or promotion. Their desire will be only to do the will of the Father in Heaven.

With smooth words [of flattery and praise] he will turn to godlessness those who [are willing to] disregard the [Mosaic] covenant, but the people who [are spiritually mature and] know their God will display strength and take action [to resist].

~ Daniel 11:32

God will shake the heavens once again. He will send judgment on the Kingdoms of this earth. All that is not His will be exposed and will fall. It is absolutely necessary that we pray for a greater level of discernment of spirits and the condition of the human heart towards God. This will allow us to overcome the deceptions.

Yahweh will release the treasures of the deep and hidden places to the people who are hungry for God. He will do things we have never seen before. Only by revelation will we have understanding.

I know many of you are seeking something to put your mind at ease. God understands your dilemma. He wants to show you how you may walk in complete trust in him. He will get you out of your situation.

You only need to walk with Him.

It may seem impossible. You may not be seeing any open doors. That’s just because it is there for Him to change.

God is calling you to a daily walk with Him. Every day He wants to talk with you and show you moves that you may make. God is calling us to walk with Him. You must come behind the veil to do so. The outer courts was given to the gentiles (those who do not belong to God) to trample underfoot for a season.

… exclude the outer court; do not measure it, because it has been given to the Gentiles. They will trample on the holy city for 42 months.

~ Revelations 11:2

That time is passing. We are nearing the close of the end of ages. Do not be left behind.

Slaughter your sacred cows. Remove the desires that have hindered you. Kill those traditions that you have kept that block you from His glory. Let Him show you. Let Him minister to your heart. Let Him show you how to walk. This is personal. This is a deep walk of faith. Ezekiel saw the return of the glory to the Temple in Chapter 43

After the glory returned, he saw a river Step into the river. Ezekiel saw the river. In Ezekiel 47 he was shown a river. The river overflowed its banks. The leaves of the trees was for the healing of the nations. We are in the time when the river is deeper. Ezekiel walked in the river until he could go no further. The water would have covered him. We are not called to turn back or come out of the water. We are now being called to go deeper into the water. We must be baptized into the depths of the rivers of living waters. Now is the time of being buried with Him.

Do not be afraid to come deeper. There is life in the depths of the water.

Step in!

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