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Opportunity Knocks

There was a faint tap on the front door. The occupant heard it the first time with amazing clarity. Noise came from various components within and around the home but for some strange reason she heard it. She came to the door and peered through the peephole.

The ragged person she saw on the outside was unknown. Yet something about her was vaguely familiar. She wondered what to make of the individual.

 “This wrecked looking person before me ought not to look like this. I remember the name. I have often imagined an extremely elegant lady; refined and only bedecked in haute couture.

What stood outside the closed door was a meager person. The child’s frame was very tiny.  It needed to be nourished and cared for.  The hair needed combing. Clumps of mud and unidentifiable substances hung to the dress and the child’s shoes. The pattern of some of the mud revealed they were splashed from passing vehicles.

“She must have traveled a long journey to reach this home”, thought the occupant.

The child’s shoulders drooped. She looked exhausted from the journey. She had traveled house, after house, after house but no one wanted her. No one cared to let her in.

“Hi!  I have been expecting you”, said the woman from behind the closed door. She was nervous.  She did not know what to do with the child.

The screen door screeched as it opened. Door bolts clanged as they were routinely unlocked.

“Why come right in”, quivered the voice. Each word was released with deliberate timing.  She was desperate to have the visitor. But was unsure of what must be done with her.

“At least this person is allowing me to enter her home. The reaction of many others were different.  Most screamed and slammed their door shut. Others just looked at me in blank amazement, without saying a word. Some were pleasant after their initial reaction but they politely turned me away.”

“Few people invited me in. You see I require a lot of nurturing. Most persons were unwilling to undertake the diligent work that was needed to sustain me.  Most of their energy had to be focused on me, before they gained from our time together.”

“Who am I?”

“I am opportunity!”

Oftentimes, when we seek God for Him to open up the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing on us we do not understand that He will send it disguised.

In 1 Kings 17:8-16, Elijah was sent to a widow woman for her to feed him. Can you imagine what it was like for her?  She is about to prepare her last meal. Here comes a hirsute and unshaven old man telling her to feed him. Many conflicting thoughts must have ran through her mind but she went with her instincts. There was something about the man that made her decide to trust him.

She obeyed his words and God greatly rewarded her sacrifice.

When we ask God to present us with an opportunity, it rarely comes how we desire. He will disguise it as a seed. You will then have to take the time to slowly unwrap it to realize the tremendous blessing that is given to you.

I know persons who prayed for a job. The Lord responded but when it came there were so many headaches and hostility that they quickly got fed up and walked away. At other times the salary was so small that they never took the job. Unfortunately, they did not realize that there was a lesson that had to be learnt before they could move to the greater part of the blessing.

What was initially shown was a slightly opened door. Generosity, love, perseverance and patience were needed to inherit what God had in store. Those that persevered grew in character and ability. From the initial experience they were able to move to much better positions, within the company or jobs elsewhere.

Be careful how you look for opportunities.  God often disguise it in an area of lack.   When you patiently learn the lesson, explore the opportunities and unfold the gift, then you will receive the reward.

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