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Africa Rising | Prophecy

This is the what the Lord said to me this morning (September 14, 2018) concerning various church leaders in the continent of Africa.

They are ‘merchants for profit’ of the anointing. By their merchandise they have corrupted my gift.

Deliverance has become a source of entertainment. Witchcraft is put on display. Where is the compassion for the victims. Why is their misery put on public display for all the world to watch? Demons were never counseled and given an interview. They were silenced and cast out. Have you not read how I ministered deliverance? Paul was grieved in his spirit and would not suffer the girl with the spirit of divination to speak no longer. He simply commanded it to come out of her. From that day she was set free. The people must be treated with respect and honor. Never put deliverance on public display to secure viewership and public approval.

The empires you have built will be torn down. The people will be set free to worship in spirit and in truth.

A pure worship will once again rise from Africa. No one will be allowed to seal up the anointing. The youths will be crowned with glory. All merchandisers will be cast out of the sanctuary. I will purge you from the temple. The land will drive you out.

You called for revival in your nations. I will answer but you shall not be used. I will not pour new wine into old wine skin.

Yes! There will be waves of revival across the land but I shall not use you. The anointing will no longer be merchandised. You will not sell it anymore. My presence shall leave you. The empires you have built with cunning, deception and deceit shall crumble.

“Oh! How has the mighty fallen!”

I was given the names of many of these church leaders to pray for them. The names were not give for me to publish. May I state that the purpose of this prophesy is to ensure that those involved in merchandising the anointing of God turn from their ways. The lord Jesus will be purging his temple. So that those who are lame and sick may come in and freely receive healing.

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