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The Unsnatchable Gift

When God gives you an idea you must work it.

In June 2012 God gave Keron Burrell the idea for an mobile application that would allow commuters to track and take JUTC buses. There was no means to determine when a bus would arrive at a bus stop in Jamaica. Commuters had to spend very long hours waiting on a bus. No one knew the schedule. We realised that we had a good idea. One that possibly could not be implemented. At the time the buses did not have GPS. We did not let that stop us. We decided to pitch the idea at a computer programmers competition (a hackathon). The World Bank was hosting a hackathon at the end of the month so we feverishly worked on out the details. A proposal and a prototype was hurried created.

At that time, I was called to a 21 days water only fast. The final days before the app was to be submitted I was so weak that I could not do any more work to complete the prototype. God strengthened Keron. After leaving work he worked through the night. A very rough prototype with minimal functionality was completed and submitted just before the closing hours for all proposals.

On the day of the Hackathon we were up against some very talented guys and girls. Instead of allowing myself to become intimidated by what I saw with their presentations, I went into battle mode. I distanced myself from everyone, as much as possible. My focus was turned to the Lord. I found a little space behind a staircase and begun to pray fervently in tongues.

After a an hour or two the Lord told me to go and relax, we would win. I knew our app was not the best. It had potential but was incomplete in many areas. Several details were not implemented in the prototype. It did not have a beautiful design. It was rough. The judges were asking about the monetization model. We had not thought of that. Earnings was never considered. Divine help was needed. Fast!

When our time came to present we stepped forward boldly. We seized the moment! We sold a lamborghini, No one paid attention to the fact that we had a beat up pinto (small, small car). We sold potential, promise and purpose. The anointing came on me and I begun to flow in the gift of wisdom. I clearly outlined how we could make money from the app. I was speaking of means and ways that was not researched. The marketing plan was outline in that moment. The Holy spirit gave concrete strategies that showed how the app could be expanded into other developed countries and the various versions that could be created to help people without smartphones. The Chief Judge, a Silicon Valley Investor/Entrepreneur, was silenced. He had ripped the monetization model of a few competitors to shreds. All he did was nod at us, while trying to maintain a very stoic expression..

When the dust settled. To the shock of many we won 1st place Development App in the World Bank Jamaica Digital Jam 2.0 Development Hackathon. It was selected as the app with the most potential for national development. We were elated! Our excitement could not be contained. Plans were made to immediately undertake the development of the final model and pitch it to the Jamaica Urban Transportation Company (JUTC) but God had other plans.

God shifted everything for me. I was taken on a journey that radically changed my life. For years I thought I would not be able to create computer software again. I resolved that ministry would be it. I abandoned my plans and simply followed God’s plans. He took me on a circuitous route. I lost myself. I was radically changed. Now I am coming full circle. He is calling me to develop computer programs again.

He’s restoring what was lost. This time I know it will be bigger and better. I am no longer struggling to do things on my own. I have an Adviser. A mentor. Someone who knows ALL things. He will provide people that will be of tremendous help when the time comes. For now we will work together. I have come to accept that with Him at my side, when I am empty, I have I am full. I have EVERYTHING!

Have you been crying over what you have lost? Have you been beating up yourself over the mistakes you have made? Please hear me for a minute. What God has given you can never be stolen. I want you to hear me. Understand that. It is a fact. Let me repeat myself. I need you to hear this, what God has for you can never be stolen. It can never be taken away. Sometimes God allows misfortune to snatch what He has given to test our heart. He wants to know if we value Him above our possession(s). Above what He has given. He wants to know if you love Isaac more than Him. Release everything. Embrace Him with your whole heart. Be patient. In the process of time, He will provide you with a just reward. You will receive double for your trouble. What you have lost is nothing compared to what you will receive. You do not believe me? Please continue to follow my life. I am no one special. You can do much better look at the life of Joseph and Job. They went through tremendous hardship but God restored everything. He gave them far more than was lost. With it they also receive glory and honor. He will do the same for you.

Trust Him. Stand in faith. Dry your tears. It will be well. Have faith in God. Again I say have faith.

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