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Marriage By Design – Adam Met Eve

“I will tell you when to turn around” The minister said with a wink of his eyes. He was delighted for us.

The bridal processional music started playing. In that instant, I could feel her. My back was turned but I knew when she stepped into the passage. I felt her spirit. I felt her soul. Each silent footsteps were heard.

When she reached into the wedding hall. I knew she was right behind me. I started turning when the minister signaled his approval. My breath stopped for a few seconds as I beheld my bride. She was a picture of radiance. My mind struggled to accept that this was happening. A sigh of relief escaped my mouth. This was definitely happening! It took a long time but we were finally here. Our worlds were about to join. About to start another leg of our journey.

The prelude to the journey started five years ago in a small storefront church in Queens, New York. Both of us were looking in another direction. We were focused on our growth and development in the Lord, then God interrupted our course.

I was busy doing the work of the Lord. I was serving in the local assembly. Whatever was needed I was willing to do. That included doing a disastrous job on the drums. When the drummer was absent on Sundays nights I would attempt to play a rhythmless beat. Thankfully the Holy Spirit would step in and save me. He would guide me in maintaining the rhythm. It was evident to everyone. I ministered, prophesied, delivered people, cleaned the toilet and anything that was necessary to help the smooth running of the church. Whatever I did, I tried to do with joy. A deliberate effort was made to assist the Pastor. That was the mission the Lord gave me. Everything was done to not be attached to the congregants. I strategically socialized but did my best to avoid the stigma of a young minister that preyed on the single females. Small social settings were avoided. I was friendly but maintained a reasonable distance. Conversations about marriage or dating were not entertained. Well until God interrupted my plans.

In October 2012, a few weeks after coming to the church my tooth broke. My cousin a Dental Hygenist took me to her dentist to have it repaired. Small shards of pain racked my body as the dentists drilled away at the tooth. I was doing all I could to not squirm under the pain. Suddenly an image of a girl from the church came into view. Then the Holy Spirit begun talking to me. He begun showing me her heart and His love for her. Her soul was made bare before me in that instance. Yet I was clueless about why He mentioned her.

While we drive back to Queens, New York I asked my cousin about young lady. I only vaguely mentioned that the Lord had spoken to me while the doctor was operating on my teeth. Very little details was divulged.

Traffic was heavy on the highway as we drove back. It was a Friday afternoon. Later that night there would be Youth Service, I wondered if the Lord wanted me to minister to her but He had not mentioned anything that indicated that fact. After service started Pastor took the microphone and begun speaking about love. Every word that was released hit me with the force of a boxer’s fist. I cried out as the words sent jolts of lightning through my body. The power of the Holy Spirit overshadowed me. Within a few minutes I was knocked to the ground on my face. Tears flowed freely. In the other aisle I could hear the girl also crying out to the Lord. I vaguely saw her falling to the floor the same time I was knocked to my knees. I didn’t know what happened next with her. In no time I was on may face. Everyone was shocked

‘What is this?!!’ Exclaimed our Pastor, in amusement.

We wished we knew. Even if we did we couldn’t speak in that moment.

A few minutes later, we were both asked to give an exhortation on love. Tameika took the microphone and begun to testify that the Lord had been dealing with her from the start of the week about love. She skillfully avoided disclosing that He had mentioned me to her. I did the same when it was my turn. All the time, I was wondering what manner of thing is this!

On Sunday I got ready for church and entered into prayer, as was my custom. As I began praying in the spirit I saw a woman sitting before a mirror. She had on a white dress. Her hair was styled and tossed to the side. Very little makeup was applied to her face. Somehow she looked familiar but I could not identify her.

After service we were serving food for a birthday celebration, when Tameika walked pass me. Without thinking I reached out and touched her shoulder. She turned around and I heard myself telling her that I saw her getting ready for an event. I listened as I described the white dress, the white pearl and look of her face I had seen in the vision earlier. Her eyes grew wide as she listened.

“Hhhmmm!” Came the response of her bestie. Despite my shock at telling her she was the woman in the vision, I shrugged it off and continued serving the people.

Later that night, I asked the Lord about the vision I had seen.

“She is your wife. I have chosen her for you”, He responded.

“Lord I am not interest in a relationship right now. I am still trying to figure out what you are doing with me. Things are unsettled for me. If you want me to speak to her then you make it happen. I am not going to do this. You know how this will be perceived. I do not want to be involved with any of the single women at the church. I just came. You know I will be going back to Jamaica very soon.”

My protests fell on deaf ear. He never responded.

“Click! Bing!”

Came the familiar sound of a Facebook message on my laptop.

‘Hi brother Dixon!’

I was shocked! The Lord had acted immediately.

“Hi! How are you”, I sheepishly responded.

She responded with a simple message. The conversation went for hours. It was like taking to an old friend. We got tired of typing and exchanged numbers. The moment we greeted each other on the phone the Presence of God showed up. We were being shy. We spoke about church stuff and our walk with our Lord Jesus. Eventually we shared that the Lord had spoken to us about the other person and about making contact.

For the next few days we conversed regularly. Every time we spoke our conversation would be centered around the Lord. We often prayed together in the spirit. And weird things started happening. We bonded on a spiritual level. By word of knowledge, I could instantly tell when something bad was happening with her. She also could sense it for me.

Within no time we felt our hearts being opened and filled with pure love. There was no sensual or sexual desire just a deep concern and desire for the best for the other person.

One day, I was going to church to clean up before the start of Bible when I was inundated by several sexual thoughts about Tameika. Instantly, I knew it was an attack from a sexual spirit and dismissed it. I didn’t know much scriptures but the Holy Spirit made me aware that this was not of Him. I rebuked the thoughts and it went instantly. As the thoughts ended Tameika called, she had been attacked by the same thoughts. We prayed against the attack and refreshed by the Holy Spirit.

The Lord told us to ensure He was apart of everything we did, so we did not fail to ignore Him. In every conversation, the power of the Holy Spirit would overtake us at times. We would be talking and suddenly start praying in the spirit. During the process of praying anointings were transferred. I was anointed with the gift of diverse tongue and interpretation of tongues of the mandarin language before coming to Queens. This dimension was unlocked in Tameika. At times our spirits communicated with each other. We would speak to each other in tongues and clearly understood what was being said.

When I visited another state, she was lead to intercede on my behalf. The Lord gave her specific instructions about my assignment. When major moves were to be made the Holy Spirit was use her to advise me.

Things were going good. I was experiencing love like I had never before.  Then came the devastating news!

“The Lord told me to tell you the truth. I have been keeping a secret.”

“What could this be.”

She then revealed that she was married. I was shocked! “How could that be?” Yet God showed that He was in it. I did not understand it. Yet I resolved to be her friend and do what God required of me. From the day we started talking, we made a covenant with the Lord that we would never do anything that was displeasing to God. We had asked Him to guide us. Whenever we spoke the Holy Spirit showed up powerfully. At times, the presence of God was so heavy that we would communicate in tongues for prolonged periods at times. As we did dimensions of the gifts of the Holy Spirit were birthed. We had visions of heaven. The Lord would speak to us.

Yet there was this one problem. How could we get pass this?



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