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Daily Meditation – Unleashing Power | 1 John 4:4

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.   – 1 John 4:4

We live in a world that is fascinated with superheroes.  They are human, aliens from another planet, mythical gods, sorcerers, android (robots), interplanetary animals, living trees, and other creatures. Whatever your flavor, they loom larger than life on the big screen.

If I were to ask you who is your favorite hero I am sure you would answer superman. He’s the greatest hero of them all. Everyone just loves him. He has great powers. He can stop a bullet with his chest. He can leap over the tallest building with one jump. He can freeze anything with his breath. He can release fire from his eyes. He can fly faster than a speeding plane. He has unimaginable strength. There is very little that he cannot do. Yet it is not those powers that really draws us to him.

What endears us to him is his humility. He does not operate openly and recklessly with his powers. He does not chose to rule everyone. Instead he chooses to hide his power and blend in with everyone else. When he puts cape, the tights and visible underwear aside he becomes Clark Kent. An awkward man from a tiny rural farming village. His mannerism is country. Sometimes crude. At times extremely clumsy. He masks his superior abilities so well that all of his friends and colleges believe they must look out for him. Lois Lane his co-worker and friends stands up for him against the office bully. Very few super-heroes know that he possesses one of the greatest mind on the planet. And is an accomplished freedom fighter. Only when he knows that they will not be in endanger by his secret does he reveal it to Lois Lane and a few other close confidants.

His decision to be like one of us and not show his powers every day, 24/7 is the biggest drawing card. It is what shows his humanity. It pulls us to him.

All saints are like Superman and Clark Kent. What do you mean? We are two completely different persons inhabiting one body. I am not talking about having a split personality. I am talking about who God says we are verses who we pretend to be on a daily basis.We have a power resident on the inside of us that we often choose to cover up.

We have been given power by the risen Son, Christ Jesus, that we must unleash to become who God has called us to be. He says you are great. Why? He lives on the inside of you because He is great you are great!

There is no problem, no struggle, no fear, no illness, no tragedy that you cannot overcome because you are great!

Jesus faced shame, pain, persecution, hunger, poverty, homelessness, fear, rumors, scandals, betrayal, deception, accusations, rejection and eventual death. Everything that you and I will face so that will may overcome. He faced it to pave the way for us. He overcame to guarantee our victory!

We have been covering up, pretending to be Clarke Kent. It is time to stop hiding. Playing small does us not good. Playing little, unnecessarily compromising, ‘dumbing down’ yourself, waiting for someone to open doors for you have only kept you hidden behind another disguise. It limits as limited your power, your potential. It stops you from being who you are called to be. 

It is time to stop trying to fit in. God wants you to be exposed in this hour. He wants you to unleash the power of the Son! Release the glory that is in you! 


Credit:     Image from Pixabay by Patrick Neufelder {link at}

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