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What Do You Have

So very often we look to God for a miracle and fail to begin with what we have. Worst yet we hang on to what we have. Without realising it our failure to release what we have does not make room for what we are expecting.

On one of my spiritual journey’s I was made aware of the need to examine what you possess before calling to the Lord. I was in South Miami for a Healing Conference. At the word of the Lord, I had gone to Miami to help a friend prepare for her teacher’s licence examination. By my calculations the mission was only for two weeks. God had other plans though. After my friend’s exam finished the Lord told me not to leave. The Holy Spirit then directed me to find out where in Miami a certain healing evangelist would host his conference and volunteer.

I welcomed the opportunity to attend the conference. Yet it was terrifying. My money was almost done. And the conference was a month away. I was forbidden to leave before the conferenceI was told a healing evangelist would hold a conference in Miami. I planned for two weeks but the Lord expended it to two months. The Lord forbid me to leave until the Conference.

On the first day of the conference I had very little money. The Lord had allowed me to have enough money to secure

I experienced the I I was exhausted. The walk was not made easier by the glaring sun. The heat from the South Miami sun was intense today. Normally it would not bother me. Yes it was hot but sun in Jamaica was hotter. I grew up in the heat. There was no air conditioning at home. We only had fan to use, which I hated.

This heat was nothing. Well ordinarily. Today was an exception. My body was crying out for water and food. This was day two of a three day absolute fast.

To compound the matter I was forced to walk three miles in the searing heat.

My body cried out for food. Somehow this was more than I could bear.

Why? I have done absolute fasts, no water no food-for longer periods and never lost strength. What what different with this? Surely it cannot be the walk. I am used to walking. The sun could not be the problem. Was it.

No it wasn’t. I was feeling defeated in my mind.

The Lord had told me to attend a conference by Pastor Benny Hinn at the University of Miami and the process was arduous. I was forced to stay by my friends way past the expected time. A two weeks visit had turned to two months. I was exasperated. I wanted to leave but couldn’t.

Finally, I was told I had to leave on a specific day. I did not know what to do. My money had almost finished. Freelance work had stopped.

Where was I to go? What was I to do? I wanted to return to Atlanta, Georgia but I knew I would have forfeited a tremendous blessing, if I did not comply. Something had to be done.

I did the only thing I knew to do best. I prayed.

The Lord responded immediately with instructions. I was told to secure a room through AirBnB and to call my sister in Jamaica and ask her to lend me some money.

After two days, I found somewhere to rent in Little Havana, Miami. That placed me approximately 6.5 miles from the conference area. No problem there. Google maps showed that it was possible to get there by bus and train. Just a little bit of walking had to be done.

Several days later I was trekking to the conference. I had paid for only one night for my room. My sister did not have any money to send me. I would have to wait several days before she could forward the money to me.

After taking the bus to Little Havana I had very little money in my pocket.

So this is day two, I have walked three miles. I am a bit exhausted. The lack of food and water has taken its toll. When I desired to drink water the Lord told me no. His voice was not small and soft. It was very authoritative and clear.

I knew that when He speaks like that I must comply. Everything was to be done to be obedient. Previous lessons had also taught me to persevere. I may be running a gauntlet but there would be reward at the end.

I stood mid-way in my journey at the only place that allowed me to sit. Behind me was a train station. I could hear the engine of the approaching train. In my heart, I wanted to take the train. I was tired. My muscles were aching. My body wanted rest. It was being pushed to extremes. I had faith that my health would not be affected but I was not enjoying the moment.

As I was thinking about the rest of the journey the Lord asked me one question.

“What do you have in your hand?”

I immediately knew He was asking me how much money I had on me. I counted the money and realised I had $2.50 on me.

“I have $2.50”, I responded to the Lord.

“Take the train” came He instructed.

“But I do not have enough money” In my mind I was convinced that the cost of the train was $5.00; twice the bus fare.

“It is enough. Go take the train.”

I walked over to the train and checked the fare. Sure enough. I was exactly what I needed to complete the journey.

That night after the conference I walked home. At 11:30pm I walked 6.5 miles to Little Havana. God was good he had a friend call me. She talked to me on the entire way. At one time she had to pray my strength I almost fainted. The next day. I was sour my muscles ached. They had an early morning service.

As soon as I woke the Lord told me to go. I pushed through and went. Along the way I had to ask the Lord to strengthen me. Each step caused fire to run through my body. After a few minutes I decided not to focus on my pain. I chose to worship instead. With each song I thanked God for strength, the day and allowing me to see another day. I also thanked Him for the blessing Pastor Benny Hinn had pronounced on myself and many other intercessors.

Guess what? My decision to not complain or focus on my pain worked. God gave me the strength to push. I walked that 6.5 miles and was not weary. Strength came to my body. I had a book in my hand. When I was almost at the University of Miami, He begun talking to me about my future. I listened and begun writing then I went to the service.

An hour later after the service when Dr. Mike Murdoch took to the stage and asked some of us to stand for him to pronounce a blessing on us. I was told by the Lord to stand. When his prayer ended I was told to go. There was no need to remain at the conference. The purpose I was sent was over.

As I came out of the service the Lord begun talking to me. I stopped at the same location and begun writing. For 45 minutes to an hour I was lost in the conversation with the Lord. I wrote everything He said.

‘Start walking now.’ He instructed when He had finished.

I was about to begin walking when a police man drove up to me. He informed me that no bus ran on Sundays. To which I told him that I already knew but was taking a walk to Little Havana. He was curious and wanted to know why. Of course, I told him the truth. I came to North Miami for the conference. Money I was expecting from business associates had not come, so I was very short on cash. He did the most polite thing. He offered to pay for my train ride. And told me that if I didn’t mind I could ride in the back of the car.

While he drove the few meters back to the train station we conversed. I was smiling inside at how God works. When I was going to the Sunday morning service at the conference center, a police car drove pass me. I looked at the car and said to myself

“You should be carrying me to the conference. I do not mind travelling in the back. It will be a first but I do not mind. I have never had get in a police car before. I would not be ashamed. I have done nothing wrong. I just want to get to this service. Lord provide the ride”

That was my thought and brief request of God. I never expected Him to grant my desire.

At the drain station the police man drew $5.00 at the ATM and gave me, for my fare and a little meal. I blessed him and went to wait on the train.

The train station was before the entrance to the University’s Conference Center. A couple came from the service and the police related my story to them. They simply shook their head and said they could not help. I stood looking at them. It was obvious that they were offended. They did not want to be involved with the incident.

I simply smiled. God used a white policeman to show kindness and here were my black brothers and sisters, in the Lord but they had no heart of compassion in them. How ironic.

The next day, I receive three times what I was expecting from my sister in Jamaica. God stopped the renter from coming for his money for three days. It gave me enough time to collect the money, purchase a shoe and a meal.


Ever time God tells us to do something we will be challenged. He is not going to tell us to do something that we are capable of doing in our strength. Whatever the task may be expect that you must ask for His help. You will be moved outside of your comfort zone.

We have a saying in the computer industry. “if you are not on the bleeding edge you are taking up space.” Being on the bleeding edge is going beyond the barriers of the current technology. That also represents the barriers others impose on their life.

You will never be able to move to different levels of faith and see the hand of god move in your life unless you move beyond your comfort zone. Our most dangerous friend is comfort.



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