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A New Chapter

I am so excited to share the new chapter of my journey with you. The Lord has fulfilled His promise. On March 22, 2018 I got married.

We had to fight for the promise. In October 2012 the Lord showed me my wife. I did not know it then. I just saw a woman getting dressed before a mirror. She was adjusting a white pearl necklace. I did not know it then but God was showing me my wife.

We have had to fight for the promise. There were many times when we gave up on the promise. God tested us over the years directly and through people but we kept believing and holding onto His word.

When everything seem lost God resurrected the relationship. Then He moved my wife to the same state He placed me. I invited her to visit me in Georgia in June 2017 and was shocked that the next day after she arrived her office was closed down. She was very shaken and confessed that God told her from November 2017 to move to Georgia. He had separated us at the time. Little did I know He told her to relocate. A week before we resumed speaking in March 2017 the Lord told me to prepare for marriage. I was not in the frame of mind to embrace that change but decided to comply.

Isn’t it funny that when the Lord speaks to you. The devil immediately hatches a plan to snatch it from you. Very shortly after the Lord told me to prepare for marriage I shared it with close family members. I think they decided to help me out without my knowing it. They begun introducing me to christian women. Each time I met one, immediately the Lord would clearly say, “that is not your wife”.  I would He would then tell me of His plans for them and the struggles in their life. I would make it known to them that I was not interested in a relationship and would provide counseling. The same thing occurred twice. After that I made it very clear that I was not interested in meeting any women. God told me to wait on Him and that was exactly what I would do. As you can imagine that was not taken well. They were not trying to run my life. They were just trying to do what was necessary to help my life to move forward.

As with everything, I believed God to fulfill His promise of providing a wife. I also believed Him to teach me how to be a good husband, to provide and protect my household. The men in my family had a history of failed relationships and marriages. I did not want that to be a part of my legacy. God told me that would not be my fate. He would teach me how to keep the devil out of my relationship. He told me that while Adam did His work He, God, found the wife, groomed her and carried her to Him. And I could expect the same. He would present me with the wife that was perfectly suited for me. So I did not bother to look for a wife. I firmly expected God to show me my wife when the time came. God had already done that because He told me to walk away I did not believe she was the one any longer.

Glory to the name of the Living God! He is the God of the resurrection. What you give back to Him will be given back to you better than it was before.

A series of events occurred that pushed us together. One morning she came on the prayer line for our church in Florida. I was upset but pushed it aside. Very slowly through that regular morning interaction we started talking again. The love was not lost but we were not ready to easily forget the things of the past. Many hours were spent silently hating on each other. Slowly we learnt to love and care for each other with all our heart and soul again.

I am so lucky that God kept us!


Brothers, sisters, neighbor and friends, please meet Tameika Reginald. You will hear a lot from her in the future. I am sure God will give her some words to share with you in the not too distant future.

Proverbs 18:22 New King James Version (NKJV)

He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the Lord.

Since our union the Lord has truly been fulfilling many other words that He’s spoken to us. He’s been restoring everything to us.

When we came to Atlanta everything was left in New York. We spent months with a family member. Shortly after we got married and was living together in an empty apartment. We prayed and came into agreement regarding the things we were expecting from God. Would you believe God responding immediately!

When we came out of prayer I saw a text from my sister. A neighbor was having a yard sale. Many of the things we needed were there. While we packed the truck, my sister called again. She found another yard sale that had stuff we needed. Glory to God! Most of the house was filled with the necessary items for our comfort.

The next week the Lord repeated our miracle. We came into agreement and sure enough God restored many other things we needed. There has not been a day that we are not amazed at how quickly God restored everything that we gave away.

When my girlfriend was moving from New York God told us to leave everything behind. Only a few clothing items were carried. Furniture and most household items were given away. The only things we carried were the televisions, a set of champagne glasses, books and some of our clothes.

The items were placed in storage until we could afford rent. She waited a few weeks for work. No attempt at getting a job worked. Finally we prayed and asked the Lord to open a door. He directed my wife what to look for online. She did as was told and within less than 24 hours she received a job.

When it was time to move into the apartment, we went to the storage to retrieve items and some furniture that we bought and placed there. Only then did we find out that we owed for several months. The attempts by the office to reach us to rectify the matter were unsuccessful. The charge was more than we could afford.

As we contemplated our next move, the Lord told us to let everything go. He rebuked us for not consulting Him before we made our decision. We were not happy to see it all go. Especially since we knew that we had little money to buy it all back. When you have very little there is a tendency to hold on to it. But God was saying “let it go!”.

At the time we did not have the faith to expect more. We had been waiting on God to shift things for us for over six months. The more we planned and tried to save, the more we lost money. Little did we know how much God was positioning us for miracles.

God is still restoring other things to us. We are excited about the journey ahead. You can be sure that I will be sharing that journey with you.

Thank you for walking with me as I grew in my writing and commitment to the Lord. I have been privileged to have you onboard.

May the great God of heaven bless and keep you. May the Lord grant you wisdom and peace. May He reveal himself to you in an intimate way. May you continue to grow in your desire for Him and your walk with Him. May He be a shield around you and your household. May your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ be supernatural. God bless you.


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