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Breaking the Silence

Oh my! I am ashamed for my prolonged silence. I have been very naughty. Much has been happening. And I have not allowed myself time to write on the go. Before I fill you in, please accept my sincere apologize for the radio silence.

I will restart the weekly writings. Two series that I will continue will be the daily and healing meditations. Both will be published twice weekly, beginning next week. There will also be an article every week.

What’s Up With The Silence

I have been teaching on social media since September 2017. The Lord gave me a charge to develop persons in the prophetic ministry. In 2015 He told me that I would teach prophets in the future. Last year He told me to start the school and I have been pouring my efforts into that project.

I must admit that I was very intimidated at first. I have been speaking before an audience ever since I can remember. I was always in church and school performances. I would deliver speeches or poems at special events. There was always a thrill after a successful delivery. Starting was always the problem.

I would be a nervous wreck before going onstage. when I am onstage as soon as I walk on and begin to speak I would be transform into the character. I felt clothed in that skin. My voice would modulate to express the character or bring the piece to life. It was exhilarating! Yet I battled with the initial fear until I did a brief stint with Toastmasters.

Imagine how surprised I was to find that I was overcome by fear when I started preaching. Feelings of inadequacy overwhelmed me. I felt that I did not know enough and was not as seasoned in ministry as others. I feared being judged by them. No one picked up on it. The Holy Spirit would always help me.

I did not know it but I was battling the spirit of fear. That dread drew worst as the Lord isolated me and told me to begin speaking on social media. I started preaching messages He gave me but my voice would crack. I fought overwhelming terror daily just to get on. People were being delivered but I still felt immensely uncomfortable. As I watched the live videos for other prophetic voices I did not like some of what I heard.

People’s needs were being met. They were receiving breakthrough but something was missing. As I inquired of the Lord, He impressed on me to teach. To empower people. I have embraced that call and have grown to love it!

I started with a very small group. Scientist would call it a control group. Since then God has blessed it. I am now moving to another level. All previous sessions will be improved to provide a very streamlined course that allows anyone to undertake relevant modules and also to develop a deeper understanding of the office of the prophet.

I aim to help people grow firstly in their relationship with the Holy Ghost, secondly the gifts of the Spirit and the office of the prophet. I realise a lot of people are confused about their calling and the gifts of the spirit. Most churches do not know how to handle prophets. Many are hurting and are feeling confused.

I understand that feeling. I too was confused. Many things that the Lord did with me was misunderstood by my leaders. The best advise I had was when an Apostle told me that God said I was not to look to anyone for guidance. He was taking me on a new path that no one had traveled before. I was to rely on Him for understanding. It freed me from guilt and shame. I for a long while I was made to feel that I operated with a spirit of rebellion. When that word came it freed me!

It wasn’t easy but I learnt to trust the Holy Spirit, to follow His leading and learn in every process. He also taught me how to flow in the gifts of the Spirit. It took years but I learnt through trial and error, Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural and one book, ‘You May All Prophesy, by Stephen Thompson.

I have since read many texts, articles, books, attended conferences, etc. I wish to pour all my training into others. I want to use the course to bring clarity to saints.

The more I learnt I grew in greater dimensions of the anointing. I am sure you would agree that no one gives an inheritance to a baby. Parents place it in reserve until the child comes of age. Once he or she matures then it is all theirs. The Lord Jesus is waiting for His children to mature. When we come to a greater understanding of our inheritance it will be poured out to us.

I want to help in making this a reality in your life and others. Not only will I be teaching on the prophetic, I also release more articles about the prophetic…right here.

New Focus

I will also be talking more about my journey. I believe I will be able to help many others by opening up about my struggles and triumphs.

For a very long time I struggled with perversion. I was in a very bad place. Darkness overwhelmed me. Almost eight years ago that changed. The Lord called me back into His embrace. I recommitted my life and returned to the church.

I was ashamed of my past and was reluctant to speak about it. The Lord has encouraged me to speak on numerous occasions but I was still battling with shame and guilt. I will be opening up more about those struggles and my journey. I believe it help others.

I want to help men, especially. So many of them have buried their pain and refuse to talk about it. I want to help open up the dialog and allow healing to occur. We often use the anointing and our salvation as a bandage to cover a wound that does not heal. TD Jakes said his mom would often take the bandage off cuts to allow them to heal properly. She would say, “anything that is covered up will not heal properly”. That is so true.

By the Holy Spirit we have made overcomers. We just need to learn how to walk it out. I firmly believe that God wants us to prosper in all sphere of our life – physically and spiritually. The Holy Spirit empowers us to overcome all obstacles. He is the greater one that is on the inside of us.

3 John 2 Amplified Bible (AMP)

Beloved, I pray that in every way you may succeed and prosper and be in good health [physically], just as [I know] your soul prospers [spiritually].

Whether you are suffering from depression, bankruptcy, suicidal thoughts, illness, low self-esteem, etc I want to help you. This blog will be tackling those issues boldly.

Check in on Wednesdays for your motivator.  An article that will uplift you and help you to go through the rest of your week. Better yet it will help you to walk differently for the a much longer period.

Stay tuned! Things are about to turn up!

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