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Preparing for the Job

Last year the Lord impressed on me that April 2018 will be a significant month.

He told me “get ready there is only 6 months to prepare”. He never said much more to me about what will happen. I just got instructions and stuff to do. I have been trying to do what He’s said, how He’s said. At times I’ve had to shut down the spirit of fear and perfection. I may not get it all right but I am determined to do my best.

What has He been saying to you? Are you allowing the spirits of perfection, fear and condemnation hold you back?

Your deliverance, your breakthrough is in your mouth. It is in your hands. What you say and think repeatedly and backed by your action will guarantee your desired outcome

Be keen to the move of God. We often expect dramatic displays of thunder and lightning when God moves and so miss Him. He moves in what looks bad to establish good. Don’t believe me? Ask Joseph. Ask Peter. Ask Paul. Ask Daniel who was made a captive and eunuch.

Could it be that God has put you in a hard place but you are missing the lesson, expansion and strategic positioning because you are only focused on the harshness of the process? Instead of trying to be perfect, instead of complaining, instead of running away, instead of making excuses why not embrace His work in you.

All things do work together for good. Every little thing. Think about it.

(Singing) ‘When I look back over my life and think things o-over, I can truly say that I’ve been blessed. I have a testimony for the Lord…



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