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Maintaining the Race – The Running Diaries

Maintaining the race
The dinner was good. A few minutes after it was finished and a slice of cheesecake was eaten for dessert my body responded with a desire for a nap.
A certain slumber called me loud and clear. It pressed heavily on me with its demand. The temptation to give in was great. A good afternoon nap would be good but I had a mission, my body was being adjusted to sleep cycle that I was determined to maintain.Early sleep meant another late night. A no no!
Instead of giving in to slumber I decided to do something I have been waiting to start. What is that? Resume running. I used to run 5K races in the past. This time I challenged myself to go further. My sight was set on a marathon.
I started in 2015 but stopped. The prophetic process at that time interfere. Well that is my excuse. It didn’t actually, I accepted that excuse. As the grass started turning green and the chirp of birds were heard a new song begun to rise in my heart. I felt the call of the marathon.
I purposed to start running when the winter officially ended but today instead of responding to sleep I started in my living room. Light rain was falling outside. Instead of giving up, I decided to start jogging on the spot.
When I started my muscles were crying out. They had not been exercised in a long while. Instead of pushing them very hard very fast, I contented myself with just jogging slowly on the spot. My chest was heaving at first. My breath came in short burst. My muscles cried out.
“What are you doing?”
“You are too old to start this foolishness. Dude you are almost 45 years old. Have you lost your mind.”
That inner voice was talking but I was was not listening. Fire was in my heart. It was too late to stop. My eyes were set on the ultimate goal. Right now I just wanted to continue running for a few more seconds. When I finished those seconds, I aimed for a minute. One minute turned to 5 minutes. My body started responding favorably.
Maintaining the Race
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My breathing became steady. My skin itched as sweat came out of the pores.
I was watching the clock and smiling. I have gone seven minutes. I must can go more. I pushed on for 20 minutes.
The energy poring through my veins would have propelled me to jog more minutes but I decided to stop with the small win today. Tomorrow I would be back in the race. Every day I will eliminate the excuse. Twenty minutes will increase to 30 minutes. Thirty minutes will increase to an hour. Eventually, I will have the stamina to run a marathon.
There is tremendous power in small wins. If you are like me, I am sure you have been gripped many times with what I call paralysis analysis. To ensure all is well precious time is spent analysing all risks and making planning against them. Sometimes we just need to start moving on the same spot. Stop looking on the variables. Ultimately as we continue to push we will see the finish line approaching.
Doubts, fears and all the inner voices will be left behind in the race.
Do you realise that those friends never make it to the finish line? That’s because they were never your friends. They came with ulterior motives. The comfort and support they provided were meant to keep you standing still.
Have you been considering entering a race? I am not talking about a 100m, 200m, 2K, 5K or marathon. The race of life. Are you tired of sitting and watching others run the race. Perhaps it is time to start moving.
God has been waiting on you. Eliminate every excuse. As you make the slow start God will send grace, hope, joy, faith, peace, strength and faith to accompany you on your journey. These are your invisible friends that cross the finish line with you.
Why did I start running on the spot today? I decided to remove the excuses. That is a great place to start.
See you next week for another installment in the running diaries.

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