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Prayer for Revival

The Lord gave me this prayer, last night. He has asked that it is shared and prayed every day to ask for revival in our city and nation.

Please do not hesitate to use it several times throughout the day. Jesus fervently prayed the same thing, with groaning and moaning, in the Garden of Gethsemane until His sweat became drops of blood. The prayer was simple. It was the same earnest request to the Father.

Please allow the travail of the Holy Spirit to come upon you, as you pray from your spirit. We must ask the Lord to give us His fire. Your prayer will make a difference. God always uses small things to birth something great. Jesus chose a manger to be born. An obscure birth that has radically impacted the earth. He sent revival to a little group of people who were praying for the Holy Spirit nightly. Suddenly a man, William Seymour, who was overlooked and rejected because of the prejudices of the time became the leader of a tremendous Holy Spirit movement that has influenced modern worship. I am speaking of the birth of Asuza Street.

Do not think that He will not use you. Your prayers are needed to birth reformation in the nations. Please set a time and maintain it as much as possible. God has appointed angels to collect the prayers. We must fill up their containers.

Please join me in praying this prayer, every night. The fervent and effectual prayer of the righteous causes much to happen. Let us pray without ceasing until we see manifestation. Let us be like the woman who pestered the judge until she got justice. Souls are depending on us. We do not need to plea or beg but we must earnestly ask the Lord for the latter and former rain.

Thank you.

The Prayer

Father the harvest is ripe. We humbly ask that by your great mercy, labors be sent into the vineyards. You have waited patiently for the precious fruit of the earth, until it receives the early and latter rain (James 5:17).

By the mouth of your prophet Zechariah you said we must ask rain of You, ‘in the time of the latter rain; so that you will make bright clouds, and give them showers of rain, to everyone grass in the field (Zechariah 10:1). Lord please send the latter and former rain.

Lord fulfill your words spoken by your servant Joel. You promised that in the latter days you shall pour out your spirit upon all flesh. Lord, pour out your Spirit on your sons and daughters. So that they may dream dreams, see visions and prophesy (Joel 2:28-30). Pour out your spirit so we may walk upright and be the exceeding great army of Ezekiel 37 verses 1-14. The dry bones that come alive with the four winds of your Spirit in us.

Lord we want you. We need you. Refresh us. Revive us. Use us for your glory.

Lord we have seen the sun turn into darkness, the moon into blood. There has been blood, fire and pillars of smoke in the heavens. Your signs have been made manifest. Gross darkness has covered this earth. Now is the time for the light of your glory to shine. Now is the time for your light to dispel the darkness.

You have given us your spirit. You have written your words on our hearts. Father for that we are truly thankful. But Lord we understand there is more. So much more. You promised the former and latter rain, Lord. Now Father please give us this gift, we humbly ask of You. So that our joy will be full. And we may be filled with the knowledge of Your will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding. And know the fullness of your resurrection power (Colossians 1:9). The same resurrection power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead. And seated Him at your right hand.

You said, according to Hosea 6:3, you shall come to the earth as the latter and former rain. Only two months after the rain comes the harvest. You have appointed the time of the harvest for such a time as now. Come Lord jesus. Give us the rain. Give us the tidal wave of your Spirit.

Lord we need you. We want you. Come suddenly to your temple. Lord of hosts. Make us your habitation. Make us like Zion. Your strong city that shall not be moved. Be the light that shines perpetually on us.

Lord our land needs the rain in this season. We need the latter and former rain. Creation travails for your rain. We anticipate your rain so we may gather an abundant harvest of souls for the Kingdom.

Lord Jesus come to us. We need You.

We await your glory. Come Lord Jesus. Come!

Lord I am available. Mold me. Use me, Lord Jesus. Let me not be left out of what you are doing. I yield to you. Let your will be done. Use me for your glory.

Today I answer the call. Baptize me with fire! Renew my strength. Let me soar as the eagles. Open wide my eyes to see as the eagles. Open my ears to hear your voice. Change my heart that I may always be obedient and willing. You said in your Word that if I am willing and obedient I will eat the good of the land (Isaiah 1:19). Thank you Lord, all the very best shall be mine. I expect more from you.

I thank you Lord that no more will the nations say ‘Where is your God’. For they shall see your hand. They shall know that by your hand you had done this. Never before has such wonders been seen by all mankind. Never again shall it be like this. We shall sing your praise for generations. The people shall say ‘The Lord has done great things for His people.

We will be glad and rejoice in the Lord our God, for He has given us the former and latter rain in the first month. We shall see an harvest of faithful disciples. They shall be filled with your Holy Spirit. They shall be yielded vessels of honor. Vessels of Gold.

So you will restore to us the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the crawling locust, the consuming locust, and the chewing locust. We shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, And praise the name of the Lord our God, Who has dealt wondrously with us; We will never be put to shame. Then all will know that You are in the midst of Your people. (Joel 2:23-27)

Come Holy Spirit. Release the latter and former rain. Come as a mighty tempest! We anticipate you.

Thank you Lord Jesus. We thank you for the abundance of rain.

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