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Healing Meditation | The Tongue of the Wise, Proverbs 12:18

Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise bring healing.     – Proverbs 12:18

Have you ever faced situations that have caused you to release a volley of words? You tried holding your peace. You kept quiet. Until that one thing happened. That thing that just pushed you over the edge. And you lost it!

Words spewed from your mouth like daggers. The assaulted party stood looking wide-eyed wounded. Not responding. The look on the face expressed shock and hurt. You drew back. The cloud of anger lifted and your realized someone just got hurt.

I have experienced this several times. Loved ones have felt the sting of my tongue. It wasn’t their fault. They were just being themself. My response was not based on some other issue. And also from over-processing the situation.

But the damage was done. Wounds were left that is hard to heal. No word said seemed to rectify the situation.

The Lord wants us to be in control of our soul at all times. We must chose when and how to respond in any given situation. Failure to exercise control will place us in harms way. Ultimately we do pay a price for it. The price may be unseen. We are not aware of the consequence but eventually we do. It may be the lost of a friendship, a spouse, a job, a customer, a confidante, a business deal, etc.

Daniel Coleman, in his book ‘Emotional Intelligence’ stated that we must decide when to be angry and for what situation we will be angry. We can adopt various techniques to control our anger. That is commendable but there is a better way.

What if we chose to use our words to heal instead of harm? What if a conscious decision is made that whatever comes from my mouth must breathe life into someone.

Our words can be the difference between life and death. It can can stop someone from contemplating suicide. It may be balm to rejection. It may be boost an individual’s confidence and tremendously turn their life around.

God wants us to be be like Him. The words that flow from our mouth must speak life. They must refresh, restore, uplift, empower others. When we do it comes back to us. We feel the impact within us. It gives us a satiety that is beyond words!

Chose to use your words to heal.



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