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Achieving Kingdom Success

Has God called you and you feel inadequate? Is your answer yes? I know exactly how you feel. I have been there. I don’t think anyone who has answered the call moves pass that feeling. It seems as soon as we become comfortable God gives a new assignment that stretches us beyond our limit.

Go ahead. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Let the anxiety go. Let the fear go. Now inhale determination. Inhale focus. Inhale the breath of God. Let the Holy Spirit take control.

Now let’s talk.

I want you to consider this for a moment. You are privileged. Yes you are. You are among a distinguished group of people. Every one God has called has felt inadequate.

The Bible is a whose who of people who have battled the spirit of fear to become who they were called to be. They have battled doubts, fears, speech impediments, family rejections, being a bastard, being ostracized, being weird, ridicule, etc.

If you are like me, you must think God is getting a good laugh out of our immediate response. Now there may be a slight irritation as we persist in our reaction. But most likely He is amused that we are just not getting it.

It was never meant for us to complete the assignment in our own ability. God has you to operate in an area you may are not the best at, so He may receive glory. Image for a minute how the boy David may have felt when he was chosen to be king.

He is out in the field tending to the sheep. He loves being under the star. Being in the wide open space gives him the opportunity to converse openly with God. He sings and write poems to him without having to worry about the response of his family. His brothers are not around to tease him. His father is not there to insist that he take his head out of the clouds’. He gets to be in the field and connect with nature. Something that he dearly loves.

Suddenly, God disrupts his world. He is summoned before the Prophet. It is so hasty that he doesn’t have time to be adequately prepared. He looks disheveled and smells like the sheep.

Can you imagine what Samuel was thinking for a few seconds? He must have pondered on God’s choice in his heart. “Lord you are scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Not my will but thine Lord.” 

Out of obedience and options he anoints David and pronounces the Word of the Lord. God’s choice proves to be the best for the nation. The uncouth boy becomes the greatest King Israel ever had. No one has surpassed His legacy. The splendor of his son’s reign did not eclipse its might and glory. Thousands of years later the people still speak of him with reverence and devotion.

Take heart. Know that God will do the same for you. You may not be called to be a church leader but you are called to lead where you are. It may be in your home, workplace, business venture, mission field or anywhere you operate.

You may desire help from a mentor or teacher. Your resources may be limited. Do not worry. You are right where God needs you. He wants you to move in faith. He made everything available before He called you. Just take the first step and keep moving.

Make a Commitment

Your first step begins with a commitment. God requires a commitment. Contemplate what you will be willing to give up. Make the commitment to God.

The call is serious. Do not be look at its size or simplicity. God normally tests us with small things. When we are successful we are given even more to do.

Just be obedient. Remove all excuses. Cease this kairos moment! God’s call is always a most opportune time for significant change.

Failure to embrace the call and the process has robbed many people from becoming history makers. When Jesus called the young rich ruler. He refused. Had he accepted he it is possible that he would have become the greatest disciple to walk with Jesus.

Expect More

Expectation fuels action. You get what you have predetermined in your mind. Isn’t that faith (Heb 11:1)? When you decide to become the very best God and the hosts of heaven, not the universe, will respond to your efforts. It outcome of faith in action. What is also called the law of attraction.

Embrace the word of God.  Act in faith. God will grant your desire. Heaven will respond to your act of faith.

And He changes the times and the seasons;  He removes kings and raises up kings;
He gives wisdom to the wise And knowledge to those who have understanding.     – Daniel 2:21

Listen to the Holy Spirit. He’s your Counselor. Let Him guide you. Follow His leading to manifest God’s plan for your life. Jesus achieve quite a lot in just 3 years by following the leading of the Holy Spirit. They worked in unison. Everything was done with the fellowship and power of the Holy Spirit. Look what happened! In a mere three years an unknown man, from a Jewish ghetto, brought changes that continue to reverberated today.

You may say, “Jesus was God I am just…me”. True! True! Let me tell you a secret. God loves to upend the law of averages. He loves to take the person least expected to become someone and surprise everyone.

Be Focused

Focus! Focus! Focus! Remove distractions. That includes people and stuff. Your success demands focus.

Examine the people you allow to be close to you. Do they factor into your future? You may have to let some go. Conversations with Bubba about the shrimps you caught at the river when you were children, while fun, does not help you to move closer to your goals.

Apply constraints to your activities. Narrow your focus to the tasks you must complete.  Set annual, monthly, weekly and daily activities. Prioritize the activities. Select 2-3 that are essential for your future. Get them done!

If you only do one thing. Focus on it. Be the best at it.

Move Now

Allocate time every day to improve yourself. Work on your growth and development during this time. Take lectures and read.  Practice. Undertake projects. Do something every day to add value to yourself.

When you add value to yourself, you will make a greater contribution to everyone around you. The greater the value. The greater will be your contribution to society.

Read to prepare yourself for the call. If you are called to bring the glory of God to dentistry, start reading the periodicals and other documents in that area. Gather information about the career of some of the best dentists in the industry. Attend conferences. Learn as much as possible about the field. Get the subjects. Do everything necessary to align you for the career.

Make notes from your reading. Allocate time for review. Repeat the process until you can explain them to anyone in your own words.

Show His Glory

It is sad that so many children of God use church as a crutch. We can never come to Him and be the same. He calls us to be better than we are. We serve a BIG God. He doesn’t want us to settle with being small. He wants us to be the best. History has many people God took from the backwoods and made them renown. It is what He does.

Anywhere you go people must be amazed at your personality and the breath of your wisdom. I just love the testimony of Motivational Speaker and Author Lisa Nichols. She was a struggling mother. When things hit rock bottom she woke up and begun the transformational process. She took deliberate steps to change her circumstances. That included attending a conference so many times that she eventually could quote the speakers word for word. At that point they had her start hosting the conference. Everything changed from then. She rose to national and international recognition.

God has given each of His children the best source for change. We are given a guidebook that answers every question about life. This book is the Bible. It covers every topic that is fundamental to our development and growth: relationships, handling public pressure and criticism, money management, human interaction, self-control, identity, human resource management, health, safety, happiness, joy and a plethora of other topics.

Prepare the Mind for Success

Our first decision to become very successful should start with a commitment to meditate on the Word of God. You will see victory in every area of your life when you meditate on the Word of God. At the advise of God, Joshua meditated daily on the Word of God. It gave him strength and courage to lead his nation. With his leadership they overcame insurmountable odds again and again.

Your mind is the greatest asset God has given for your success. Take control of this territory by using the Word of God to bring calm to it. Calming the mind. Finding peace, joy and happiness comes from meditating on the Word of God.

Meditation comes from reading the scriptures and taking a section (a group of scriptures) or verse and thinking deeply about it. The mind should be actively engaged in the process, throughout the day.

  1. Select what will be read
  2. Read it out loud.
  3. Listen to yourself read. Focus your mind on what you are saying.
  4. First get a big picture perspective. Determine the who, what, when, where and why of the story.
  5. Now narrow your focus. Is there a particular verse or set of verses that appeal to you?
  6. Write the verse(s) on a piece of pager.
  7. Read it out loud during the day.
  8. Ask yourself several questions about it.
  9. Share the scriptures with others and talk to them about what you have learnt.
  10. Seek opportunities to apply it to your every day life.

Business mogul and author Steven K. Scott attributes his extraordinary success to the lessons learnt from the life of Jesus Christ and the wisdom learnt from studying the observations of King Solomon, in the book of Proverbs, for almost two years. In less than a year he stopped failing at jobs and became the number one sales agent for his company. Several promotions followed as he earned millions in sales revenue. Very shortly after that success God connected him with a very popular singer. It opened the door to his own business. Since then he has launched several multi-million dollar businesses, authored several books and coached many celebrities and businessmen. All he achieved came from the application of the Bible.

Daniel’s success as a prince in Babylon resulted from his intense preparation process. He poured learned everything that was necessary for him to rule. Apostle Paul did the same thing. He isolated himself for three years in Arabia. During those years he studied the Scriptures. The result is the plethora of books we have which comprises the majority of the New Testament.

I am encouraging you to commit to the process of your call. You have been chosen by God for such a time as this. You were equipped with everything you needed before you were born. The past or current circumstances does not have to influence your future.

You only have today. Make it count! Carpe Diem!

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