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The Spirit of Delilah is Coming

On November 25, 2017 the Lord said to me:

Warn the people. Tell them to watch out for Delilah. She is coming. Many are vigilant looking out for Jezebel but they are missing the advancement of Delilah

I am raising up Samson, in these last days. They are men and women who will do mighty exploits for the Kingdom. They will be marked by their devotion to Me and utter dependence on the Holy Spirit. They will operate in the strength of the latter day anointing. They will do great exploits for the Kingdom.

I am preparing these people now!

Delilah, Jezebel and Athaliah will rise up against you to destroy you. Fear not you will overcome them and trample them under feet.

In the movie Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner which stars Spencer Tracey, Sidney Poitier, Katherine Hepburn and Katharine Houghton a young white girl takes her fiance home to meet her parents. The rich liberal parents learn that the fiance is a black doctor. The movie was filmed during a time of when racism was rampant. So it is confronted throughout the film.

There is a guess that is coming to dinner that is uninvited. She is not coming to play nice. She is coming to form an unholy relationship that will result in death. She is Delilah. Her desire is to feast at your table. To prevent her it is imperative that you understand her modus operandi and how to defeat her.

Demystifying Samson

Before we delve into this character you must understand the principal character of this fatal love story and how it relates to you.


In the book of Judges we are introduced to the parents of Samson. His Father is Manoah, who is from the tribe of Dan and lives in the town of Zorah.

The announcement of Samon’s birth was mysterious and glorious. It was reminiscent of the angel Gabriel’s declaration to Zechariah about the birth of John, the Baptist. Although, the events unfolded in reverse order. Manoah received the word of the Lord then gave thanksgiving offerings to God. Conversely, Zechariah, the High Priest, made an offering to God in the Holy of Holies. It pleased God and the angel was sent to give Him the good news of His son’s birth.

Both stories are similar in regard to the condition of the wives. They were unable to conceive. The angel approached  Manoah’s wife and told her the good news. She told her husband. He then asked God to sent the man of God again. It was only when they made the offering that they realised he was an angel.

Now please understand that they received the word of God because there was a prophesy on their life although they did not know it. Jacob had prophesied that Dan will be a deliverer. This is the lineage of Samson’s father.

Dan will be a serpent by the roadside, a viper along the path, that bites the horse’s heels so that its rider tumbles backward. (Genesis 49:17)

The rider is the enemy. The viper is a deliverer. One that strikes the heel of the enemy, the rider. 

Everything points to the Deliverer being one born in the household of Manoah. Manoah’s name means rest. This is a promise of deliverance. Rest comes after being delivered. Just as Christ gives us rest from our enemies. The town Zorah means Hornet. A hornet is a large stinging wasp that typically nests in large hollow trees.

A big wasp would sting really hard. And as frequently as is necessary to deter or kill its prey. Unlike the bee it does not worry about dying after it has delivered a sting. That is its downfall. It has pride. It trusts in its ability too much at time and can get killed when it faces a larger enemy, especially us humans.

You may say. This sounds good but why is this important to me? You may not know it but there are things which God has spoken concerning you that you have not yet heard. There is a promise that has been lingering for generations that you will walk into.

Samson was positioned to into an inheritance that He had nothing to do with. Everything was set for Him before He was born. He only had to be groomed for the position. The child was a Nazarite. Dedicated unto God from birth. His hair was never to be cut. He was not allowed to drink wine or any strong drink. His food had to adhere strictly to the meals authorised for the Hebrews. This was his standard for righteousness.

Although Samson does not know it, he was born to die. He is to foreshadow Christ who will judge Israel and offer His life for their redemption.

The Latter Days Samson

In these last days God will raise up people with the anointing of Samson. They will be strong men or women of God. Anointed to operate covertly in the marketplace.

They live a consecrated life. They feel lead to live among believers. They love God but for reasons unknown to them, they are not contented with just doing church. They feel a deep call to branch out and undertake work that displays God’s glory outside of the four walls of the local assembly. Their testimony is shown in what they do. They are fearless about mingling with unbelievers and going places where others fear to trod.

Samsons are filled with the spirit of God. They are only concerned with doing His work not titles and positions. They are nameless and faceless. They are only concerned with doing the work of the Master.

Samsons are the midnight intercessors (gatekeepers) that stand on their watch to remove the gates of the enemy. Just as Samson removed the gates of a Philistine city, so do the latter day Samsons. They free cities, nations and other territories from the strangle hold of the enemy. They also exercises territorial authority over regions by opposing the enemy and destroying its legal rights to occupy these regions.

Samsons are Shamar Prophets. They stand against the Kingdom of Darkness. Like Elijah stood on Mount Carmel and destroyed the 850 false prophets. So does these Samsons. They are fearless. When in the Spirit they are mighty warriors.

Unveiling Delilah

All modern Samson must be prepared to battle Delilah. To defeat her you must understand her nature. Many have battled this spirit and lost. You my friend will trample it under your feet.

Many are looking for Jezebel. Many are looking for the advancement of Athalia but they are not looking for Delilah.

Her name means ‘delicate’. She is beautiful. Very attractive. She gains her victory by seduction and working with the other rulers of darkness. She is a witch in disguise.

Delilah is very skillful in hiding her agenda in her heart. Her ultimate aim is weaken your anointing and betray you.

Now let me be clear. We are dealing with an evil spirit. A personality that does not have a body. Its greatest desire is to occupy a human body. By doing so it will be able to display its nature. The person can be of any gender. It will seek to influence a loved one. Their motives can be the snare that allows it to influence them. Even without them knowing it.

A person will operate under this spirit when they do not control their emotions. If he/she tries to get the love that’s desired through manipulation and control by seduction. He or she may be operating with the spirit of Delilah.

You can become so comfortable that you do let down your guard. When your guard is down that is the time the attack comes. They are continuous. At all times she is working to discover your weaknesses and betray you, so that you are open to continuous attack and torture from the enemy.

During her attacks you cannot see what is happening. It starts very subtle. Then it slowly advances until you are bombarded from every side by spiritual assaults. It leaves you exhausted and weary. Many have run from her. Only a few have encountered her and stood.

Of course it does not work alone. Demons often work together. Here are some of the spirits that she works with: 

  • Spirit of Deception/Lying Spirit
  • Spirit of seduction
  • Spirit of rebellion – persuades you to act contrary to God’s word
  • Spirit of Witchcraft – manipulation and control
  • Spirit of slumber or deep slumber – prolonged sleep to prevent prayer, reading and meditation on the Word of God and waiting on the Lord continuously.
  • Spirit of lethargy – persistent tiredness
  • spirit of discouragement – causes hopelessness
  • spirit of depression or deep depression
  • spirit of paralysis – stops you from moving forward. You are stuck in a cycle.
  • Spirit of gluttony – causes excessive eating. This prevents fasting which is necessary for breakthrough and deliverance
  • Spirit of compromise – causes you to become worldly
  • Spirit of greed – excessive appetite for the stuff (eg. money, power, bigger house,etc)
  • The python spirit – this creates lots of overwhelming situations. For example problems with children. Until you are exhausted. It is at this moment that it comes in for the kill.
  • Spirit of murder
  • Spirit of betrayal
  • Spirit of blindness – causes spiritual blindness, so that the enemies cannot be seen. It also leads to physical blindness.

Delilah has only one goal in mind. She wants you dead. All bombardments are aimed at stopping you. She wants to ensure that your head is given over to your enemies for them to utterly destroy you.

Defeating Delilah

She does not yield defeat easily. In my encounters with this spirit I have found that she is not easily moved.

Defeating Delilah requires:

  • Persistent and effectual prayer and fasting must be undertaken.
  • Skillfully yielding the sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God. You must meditate on the Word of God and act according to the Word. Hope, faith and love have to be cultivated every day. It is also important to meditate on the promises of God. This will strengthen and help you quickly bounce back from feeling hopeless, loss, fatigued or anxious.
  • The spirit must be confronted and rebuked. You must cast out the spirit. Do not perform deliverance for those who deliberately operate with this spirit. Do not continue to associate with this person. If there has to be ongoing contact limit it;
  • Break ALL negative soul ties. A soul tie is a special affection that is held for someone. Parents and children have a soul tie. It is positive if it provides nurturing and growth. When it becomes manipulative, controlling or or abusive it is negative. Other soul ties are those formed between a man and his wife, siblings, relatives, friends and coworkers.
  • Stand strong in your faith. You must be resolved never to compromise your walk with God. The resolution must be made in the heart. When the tests comes this resolve must be maintained. It is important to remember that God does not allow you to bear more than you can handle” (1 Corinthians 10:13). 
  • It will be necessary to call for assistance from Father God. He will provide strength and a refreshing of your spirit to empower you to get the victory.

It is extremely important that you stand in your authority as a son or daughter of God. As a son or daughter you are an heir of Salvation. Whatever you say must be obeyed by the spirits. Delilah will understand that she cannot win against a son of God and will go!

Prayer Against the Spirit of Delilah

Father in the name of Jesus, I glorify and thank you for your Son. I thank you that He shed His blood on Calvary’s cross, died and rose again to free me from the powers of darkness. Jesus has been given a name that is above every name in heaven, on earth and below the earth. He is seated at the right hand of God. Where he rules and reigns forever.

I am redeemed by the blood of the risen Savior, Christ Jesus.

Father I repent of any sin presently. I forgive everyone who has done me wrong. I am seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus far above the evil powers of the Kingdom of Darkness.

I break the hold of Delilah on my life. I command her to go and never return. I break the hold of all the rulers of darkness (call the names of the spirits listed above). 

I denounce and renounce negative soul ties. 

Father fill this vessel with the Holy Spirit and apply the blood of Christ all over me. and my household.


Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay

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  1. Amen,I have the Spirit of prophecy.I am a Registered Nurse and had wanted to be a detective. I found a clue about a missing girl that the detectives did not find. I live in DC near the capital and when I would walk up there 4 years ago from gym class,I got this feeling that it was just not safe enough there. I even told the police there it did not feel safe.They assured me it was.So you see what happened Jan 6th 4 years later. Also the pandemic is not over. It will come back worse the end of 2021 Amen !


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