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Myth Buster – David was an Adulterer

Myth or Fact - David the Adulterer

Have you ever heard this quote ‘David was an adulterer and God used him”. It sounds good doesn’t it. The quote shows how God will use anyone to get His work done. I beg to differ with you on the issue. David may have committed adultery with Bathsheba but I will prove by scripture that he was not an adulterer. In the eyes of He who matters he was never considered an adulterer.

The Anatomy of David’s Fall

David fell to the sin of adultery. He sank so low by this demon that he committed murder to cover up the consequences. To expose the sin God allowed Bathsheba to become pregnant. David’s heart had become so hardened that he decided to have the husband killed.

David’s men were fighting for him. One of his most loyal commander was Uriah the Hittite, Bathsheba’s husband. Were the men to discover their King’s treachery they would cease being very loyal to him. He was in the midst of war. The loyalty and unity of the fighting men was especially necessary for them to succeed.

The King knew the safety of his throne was dependent on the loyalty of his warriors. These were brave, honorable, fierce and loyal men who would die for him. They protected him and dwelt in caves with him while he ran for his life from Saul, the former King. Now that he had ascended to the throne, he knew it was also dependent on the loyalty of these men. Had they learnt of his betrayal to a leader among them they would have lost heart. So David plotted to cover up his error. In the process of plotting and executing the actions He lost sight of who he was. David forgot how God had been with him. The man who was tenderhearted, who would protect the lost lost sheep became a wolf. A devourer of the sheep. And he did not know it. Satan had blinded his eye. His heart became callous. A spirit of murder now ruled his home.

(See 2 Samuels 11-18)

Grace Extended

God in his mercy remembered the love of David. He remembered the songs that he sang to Him. He remembered how David danced before him with uncontainable joy; with wild abundant, until his clothes fell off. God remembered the love of David. He remembered and reached out to restore Him.

He sent a Prophet to bring restoration. Nathan, the Prophet successfully redeemed David. His eyes were opened to the error of his ways and he repented. He was always quick to throw himself at the mercy of God. He knew God’s ways. He knew God was merciful. When David was faced with an option of God using his enemies to correct him or God executing judgement against him for a sin he had committed, David chose the latter. His confidence was in the tender mercy of God.


The Lessons for You

The story of David’s adultery is a multi-layered sundae. There are several lessons hidden in the depths of it.

Lesson 1: Secret Sins Can Destroy Us

David’s initial act of sleeping with Bathsheba act exposes the frailty of David’s personality. It shows the chink in his armor. It shows that what appears to be minor, what is secret, if not exposed, confessed and repented of to control and contain it can undo the ambition and plans of a great ruler. It can do the same for you.

“Stolen waters (pleasures) are sweet [because they are forbidden]; And bread eaten in secret is pleasant.” But he does not know that the spirits of the dead are there, and that her guests are [already] in the depths of Sheol (the nether world, the place of the dead).   Proverbs 9:17-18 AMP

Be very mindful of the secrets that you allow to exist in your life. They can ultimately destroy you. God offers redemption through the blood of Jesus.

If your struggle is with the secret thoughts and you have not taken actions it needs to be broken before it assumes control and influences your action. Simply call on Jesus. Believe on His name. I want you to do this right now!

Prayer (Please read out loud)

Jesus I believe your are Lord. I believe that you died for my sins. I believe you were resurrection and you have all dominion and power. I repent of my sins. I confess that I have been plagued by thoughts of lust and other sexual desires. I have had fantasies, fetishes and other secret desires that I know are not pleasing to you. Lord I need your help. Please deliver me from this sin. Please free me by your blood and the power of your name. Restore my peace Lord Jesus. Make me whole. (now begin to praise Him for your deliverance). Lord I thank you for answering my prayer. I thank you for your grace and peace. I thank you that the spirit of lust, anger, murder, abuse (please state your struggle ) no longer has any hold on my life.  By the power of your name, Lord Christ Jesus I AM FREE! I AM WHOLE! Thank you for giving me life and an abundance of life. Thank you. Amen!

Now that you are free please do not engage in any activity that will place you back into the bondage of this (these) sin(s). If you must change your company please do so. If you must stop watching your favorite television show, please do so.

Lesson 2 Lust is also an Act of Adultery

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery’; but I say to you that everyone who [so much as] looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.   Matthew 5:27-28 AMP

Jesus said if any man should look upon a woman to lust after her in his heart, has committed adultery. Isn’t this an interesting statement? He never said if you are married and lust you have committed adultery. So the statement applies to the unmarried.

Why would He make such a general statement. He was reminding us that we were brought with a price. The precious blood of Jesus. We are a part of his bride, the church. He is our husbandman. We are wedded to Him. To sexually desire any woman that is not your bride is lust.

It means we are first wedded to Him. It is a spiritual wedding. It weds our soul to Him. When we lust, we have violated the sanctity of that covenant relationship. It makes us an adulterer.


Lesson 3 Always Wait on God

As David stood on His roof he saw Bathsheba bathing. In that moment, he was filled with love for her. Instead of looking away or retreating from the roof he continued to look. Love gave way to lust. The spirit of lust then overtook him. What David did not know wast that in that moment God gave him a revelation of how their destiny was intertwined.

What am I saying? This woman was named in the lineage of Jesus of Nazareth. This is no coincidence. Her name spoke of her destiny. Bath means ‘daughter’. Sheba means ‘an oat’. So her name Bath-sheba means ‘daughter of an oath’.

What was this oath? To understand it we must look at her father. His name is Eliam. His Hebrew name is Eliy ‘am. It means ‘God of the people or God’s kinsman’. It means she was a daughter that was given as a covenant oath to God for the sake of the people.

Her marriage to Uriah, the Hittite. Meant although she was given as an oath to God she was living outside of her purpose. He was an Israelite. Her husband was a member of a tribe that God told Israel to drive out of the land. No covenant was to be made with this nation. They were under the curse placed on Canaan by Noah. Also because of the abominations of their ancestors in the land of Canaan God had judged them. Uriah’s commitment to his fellow warriors is very evident. He refused to sleep with his wife during a time of war because he wanted to abstain from the same pleasures of his fellow soldiers.

While she was with Uriah she could not fulfill her destiny to provide an offspring that would greatly bless the people. So God had to place her in David’s radar. Through her offspring God’s covenant with David would be fulfilled. Only she was the best candidtate. David had other wives but none were eligible. This woman was pledged to God. It made her the most likely candidate.

When your days are fulfilled and you rest with your fathers, I will set up your seed after you, who will come from your body, and I will establish his kingdom. He shall build a house for My name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever. I will be his Father, and he shall be My son. If he commits iniquity, I will chasten him with the rod of men and with the blows of the sons of men. But My mercy shall not depart from him, as I took it from Saul, whom I removed from before you. And your house and your kingdom shall be established forever before you. Your throne shall be established forever.   2 Samuel 7:12-16

David had selected other women as his wife. This time God was going to give him a wife. One that he would love above every other. A wife that he would cherish. Had he waited he would have received this precious gift from God. her presence in his life would have enriched it. There would be no sorrow. No tragedy.

We must learn from David’s mistake. Always give wait on God for what He has promised. In the process of waiting. Ask God to show you what must be done. Whatever He tells you to do. Move in obedience. Act quickly.


Lord I have struggled with patience. I have acted rashly at times and have suffered the consequences of my actions. Please give me the spirit of patience. Teach me to wait on you. Help me to not move outside of your will. Help me to patiently wait until you have given me the spouse you have for me. Help me to wait until your plans are unfolded to me. I will act in obedience to what you have told me.  Thank you Jesus. Amen!

Lesson 4 We all Need God’s Grace

Foremost is the role of our Eternal Father as a restorer. He reaches out to save the fallen. To re-establish his son into the covenant relationship they had. He remembers his son.

Although, David was redeemed, he paid the price for his errors. Blood was spilled and so God upheld his oath that the spilling of a man’s blood would be avenged by another man. The same sword that David had used to violently cease another man’s wife was now turned inward in his own home. His son’s fought each other. Then they one, Absalom, tried to usurp his father’s throne. He almost succeeded. David had to flee for his life but the covenant of God with David that he would always reign was upheld. God restored David’s throne. Unfortunately, in the process his son got killed. It burdened David because he knew that the family feud was a consequence of his unfaithfulness to God, with Uriah.

For you this shows that there is no length to which he will not go to redeem you. It is a lie of the enemy to believe that you are so low in sin that the blood of Christ Jesus cannot reach down to redeem you. It does not matter who it was done with, where you did it and what sin was committed. Once you repent and ask Jesus Christ to save you He will restore you. He will wash the sin away.

He paid the price for your sin before it was committed. Over 2000 years ago He died so that you may be saved. To receive forgiven for your sin you must confess that you are a sinner and turn away from it. You must ask him to forgive you. Ask Him to empower you to overcome it. Accept that He has answered. Accept that He has forgiven you.

Ask Him to come into your heart and live their. Declare that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior and you will no longer give in to sin. Ask Him to renew your heart, just like David so that you will obey his commandments. So that you will love Him with your whole heart.

God will wash away the guilt the shame. The struggle will cease. All persistent sin will be removed. You will be given power to break free.

God will call you by your real name. No longer will the label of ‘drug addict’, ‘fornicator’, ‘prostitute’, ‘homosexual’, ‘lesbian’, ‘liar’, ‘adulterer’, ‘witch’, ‘warlock’, ‘insane’, ‘depressed’,’suicidal’, etc apply. He will call you by your real name – son or daughter. Child of the Most High God. His beloved child.

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    We all know God exists. Why? Because without Him, we couldn’t prove anything at all. Do we live our lives as if we cannot know anything? No. So why is God necessary? In order to know anything for certain, you would have to know everything, or have revelation from somebody who does. Who is capable of knowing everything? God. So to know anything, you would have to be God, or know God.

    A worldview without God cannot account for the uniformity and intelligibility of nature. And why is it that we can even reason that God is the best explanation for this if there is no God? We are given reason to know or reject God, but never to know that He does not exist.

    It has been calculated by Roger Penrose that the odds of the initial conditions for the big bang to produce the universe that we see to be a number so big, that we could put a zero on every particle in the universe, and even that would not be enough to use every zero. What are the odds that God created the universe? Odds are no such thing. Who of you would gamble your life on one coin flip?

    Is there evidence that the Bible is the truth? Yes. Did you know that the creation accounts listed in the book of Genesis are not only all correct, but are also in the correct chronological order? That the Bible doesn’t say the Earth was formed in six 24-hour days but rather six long but finite periods of time? That the Bible makes 10 times more creation claims than all major “holy” books combined with no contradictions, while these other books have errors in them? The Bible stood alone by concurring with the big bang saying, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1); and says our universe is expanding, thousands of years before scientists discovered these things. Watch a potential life-changing video on the front page of http://WWW.BIBLEFREEDOM.COM with Astronomer(PhD) Hugh Ross explaining all these facts based on published scientific data. He has authored many books, backed even by atheist scientists.

    Jesus came to pay a debt that we could not; to be our legal justifier to reconcile us back to a Holy God; only if we are willing to receive Him: “For the wages of sin is death…” (Romans 6:23).

    God so loved the world that He gave us His only begotten son, so that whoever believes in Him, through faith, shall not perish, but have everlasting life. Jesus says if we wish to enter into life to keep the commands! The two greatest commands are to love God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind; and your neighbor as yourself. All the law hang on these commands. We must be born of and lead by the Holy Spirit, to be called children of God, to inherit the kingdom. If we are willing to humble ourselves in prayer to Jesus, to confess and forsake our sins, He is willing to give the Holy Spirit to those who keep asking of Him; giving us a new heart, leading us into all truth!

    Jesus came to free us from the bondage of sin. The everlasting fire was prepared for the devil and his angels due to disobedience to God’s law. If we do the same, what makes us any different than the devil? Jesus says unless we repent, we shall perish. For sin is the transgression of the law. We must walk in the Spirit so we may not fulfill the lusts of the flesh, being hatred, fornication, drunkenness and the like. Whoever practices such things will not inherit the kingdom (Galatians 5:16-26). If we sin, we may come before Jesus to ask for forgiveness (1 John 2:1-2). Evil thoughts are not sins, but rather temptations. It is not until these thoughts conceive and give birth by our own desires that they become sin (James 1:12-15). When we sin, we become in the likeness of the devil’s image, for he who sins is of the devil (1 John 3:8); but if we obey Jesus, in the image of God. For without holiness, we shall not see the Lord (Hebrews 12:14).

    The oldest religion in the world is holiness through faith (James 1:27). What religion did Adam and Eve follow before the fall? Jesus, Who became the last Adam, what religion does He follow? Is He not holy? He never told us to follow the rituals and traditions of man but to take up our cross and follow Him (Luke 9:23). There are many false doctrines being taught leading people astray. This is why we need the Holy Spirit for discernment. Unlike religion, holiness cannot be created. It is given to us from above by the baptism of the Spirit. Jesus is more than a religion; He is about having a personal relationship with the Father. Start by reading the Gospel of Matthew, to hear the words of God, to know His character and commandments. Follow and obey Jesus, for He is the way, the truth, and the life!


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