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Journey to Deliverance – My Testimony, Part 4 Prophesy Fulfilled

“Today the Prophesy is fulfilled.”

Tears welled over and ran down my face. I was shaking under the power of the Lord. I felt when His Presence descended in the ceremony.

“I am here.” I said the still small voice of the Lord. It was almost unbearable to contain the flow of the Holy Spirit. I felt electricity coursing through my body. I was sweating under the gown. The presence of God caused me to perspire profusely.

“Holy! Holy! Holy!” I whispered. I was trying not to disrupt the proceedings.

Around me stood fellow ministers. We were being ordained. For a few minutes I could not hear what was being said. As the Lord spoke I saw my life before me.

I saw myself standing outside the yard at Cassava Piece. I had just come from the outside toilet. We share it with our neighbors. Our home and there house was joined. Both houses were owned by one person. She had created the adjoined dwellings for two family to occupy the same space. Before me stood my neighbor.

It was early morning. Ms. Dorette stood hands akimbo at the front of her door. She looked at me with an stern and amused looked. She was contemplating deeply about what she was about to say.

“You will be a minister.” She declared.

“Yes mam.” I answered. I didn’t have the faintest clue about what she meant.

I had a dream. You were in it. In the dream you were ordained a minister.

OK! I thought. I liked her. She was always pleasant to us. I spent a lot of time at her home watching television with her daughter in the evenings. She didn’t seem to mind at all. We didn’t have a television, so I went next door in the afternoon, shortly after the station came on the air.

Attempts to Fulfill the Word

For years I thought about what was said. I eventually realised that a minister is a government official and thought well that may be it.

As time went by I forgot about the prophesy. Yet subconsciously I was trying to fulfill it by my own actions. I had a keen interest in politics. All my friends and co-workers encouraged predicted that I would enter politics. It seemed natural. I had done a successful stint of representing my co-workers during the turbulent financial crisis and had won the admiration of the management staff.

That fire burned bright inside of me. My radio was always tuned to current affairs discussions in the morning and evening. Twice I attempted to join a political party. Each time. After attending two meetings I would quit. Something did not feel right. I did not like that atmosphere.

I did not like the hostilities. I liked atmosphere were there was harmony and unity. My mission was to help people. I wanted only to help build people. I was unwilling to undertake any physical fight. Even when I was a Union Delegate, the mandate we worked with was to do our best to uplift work relations at the workplace. We held staff accountable and did not endorse misconduct. It took a long time but staff eventually appreciated the approach. It saved many jobs during these periods of lay-off

Positioned for the Promise

In September 2011 God forced me to resign then He sent me by plane to New York.

There were two destinies that awaited me.

I was pursuing a proposal for marriage. Someone had asked me to marry her daughter. We had talked and seemed to hit things off great. I relished the fact that her mom liked me and they had a loving relationship. That was one thing I wanted in a wife.

Moreover, God had told me not to turn down the plane ticket. I was to go. He had a blessing for me.

It took three months and numerous trips to the USA embassy to get the visa. It was the anniversary of 9/11 and I had traveled to Dubai in 2007 so they did every security check to ensure I was not a threat. What also contributed to the difficulty was the fact that my car was broken into in 2009 and my passport was stolen. At the time I was planning to visit the Embassy to renew my visa.

I arrived in New York in December 2011 with expectation. God had given me clear instructions to see a cousin I met at my grandmother’s funeral. I remember the tremendous love I felt for her as she talked with mom. She was very pleasant.

It was my first winter and I was not enjoying it. No matter what I did I could not keep my hands warm. On my coldest day, on Sunday January 8, 2012 I visited my cousin and received the blessing from the Lord. She anointed me. Just had God had showed me in a vision three months before and the spirit of prophesy came on me.

I became another person. For the four hours I ministered to everyone present. The Holy Spirit took me to each person present and I released a word to them. I spoke and did things my mind was wrestling to understand. I heard myself speaking in the language of several non-english speaking nations. I spoke Chineses, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, Afrikaan and other languages while I prophesied to the people. Each time I would speak in tongues then interpret. I also prayed for persons healing and released spiritual gifts. All of this was done by the Holy Spirit. I had never witnessed or experienced anything like it in a service before.

The marriage did not happen. My future bride did not want to share the same denominational worship as I did. She wanted me to forgo the Pentecostal experience. It was almost tempting to do so. Money would never be an issue. American citizenship would not be a problem. I could relax.

Fortunately, I was too stubborn to give up on what God had birthed in me. I felt that I would be like Esau sacrificing my birthright. God had done a marvelous change in me. It was strange. I was always talking in tongues. Restraining myself from speaking English was a hard task. But God placed someone there to encourage me.

The day after I was anointed, God sent a Prophetess to speak into my life. She informed me about my destiny and I was encouraged. I was naive, I thought God would immediately fulfill His word. And the process would be easy.

I went back to Jamaica and was sent to back to New York to help my cousin with her ministry. God tricked me to get me there.

I thought I was going to receive a job.




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If you need prayer, please do not hesitate to leave a request for prayer. I will be happy to pray for you. God is a deliverer. He meets all our needs. He binds up our wounds and frees us from every snare of the enemy. All you have to do is call on Him. I did and he delivered me. He will do the same for you.

He sent from above, He took me;

He drew me out of many waters.

He delivered me from my strong enemy,

From those who hated me,

For they were too strong for me.      Psalm 18:16-17



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