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Daily Meditation – Label Your Mountain

Daily Meditation - Choose Your Mountains

Now it shall be, when the Lord your God has brought you into the land which you go to possess, that you shall put the blessing on Mount Gerizim and the curse on Mount Ebal.     Deuteronomy 11:29

Isn’t it interesting that Moses told the children of Israel that they were to label their mountains. Notice that the mountains were to be labeled after God’s promise was received.

God strategically chose these mountains for their ability to broadcast sound. They were the ideal places for addressing the nations. Scientific tests have proven that their natural formation and the valley below them provided a natural Amphitheater. It made it easy to speak and everyone (the nation) hear what was said. We now have the convenience of sound systems with their speakers and microphone to address massive crowds. Back then you had to shout. With everyone gathered in the valley and the priest or Moses reading the blessing or curse from the mountain it must have been an awesome experience. It was certainly one that would not be easily forgotten. It would be talked about for a long, long time. God wanted this to happen. He wanted the people to talk about the event and the things they hear. They were never to forget the blessing and curses.

There was a bit more to choosing the mountains. God used these permanent landmarks as constant reminders that would stand for generations. Every day when they saw Gerizim was viewed they would remember what God has done for them. The sight of this magnificent mountain would cause His blessings to be brought back to their memory. When Ebal was viewed the consequences of not adhering God’s laws would be remembered.

Both mountains stood in stark contrast to each other. Gerizim was covered with vegetation. Ebal was barren. Strong’s Concordance translates the Hebrew word for Ebal to mean ‘stone or bare mountain’. A barren wasteland. It stood as a testimony of the consequences for failing to obey the commandments of God. A constant reminder that it would cause unnecessary hardship. To ensure there was a constant reminder the curses in the laws were read from this mountain. The opposite was done with Mount Gerizim. Only the blessings were read from this mountain. Its name means ‘cutting off’. When the Israelites gathered to hear the reading of the blessings from Mount Gerizim their back was turned to Mount Ebal. Their stance signified a turning away from whatever separates us from God. As they look at the speaker on Mount Gerizim and heard the thundering voice they were reminded to keep their focus on God.To hear everyone had to be silent. They had to focus all of their attention on the speaker to hear what was said.

Picture yourself in that valley. Imagine what it is like to hear God speaking these blessings to you.

It is important for to you remember that God only blesses what belongs to Him. We must abide in Him to live a blessed life. Salvation brings us into the promises of God. But we must remain faithful to receive all God has for us.

Consider labeling your mountains. Establish monuments that will be permanent reminders of the blessings on your life. May I suggest that you do not use things that will change quickly. Material things will not last. Your new car will not remain in its current condition for long. Your attitude towards it will change. Think carefully about what your mountain will be. Mountains are generational. It is almost impossible to move a mountain. Ask God to show you your Gerizim.

Your Mount Gerizim will help you maintain a positive outlook. When faced with adversity you will look to it and remember the goodness of God. Complaints will have no place in your heart.

Look on your mountain of blessings. Bring to your memory all that God has done for you. Seek out his promises in His word and declare them from your mountain of blessing each day. Do this and you will never face Mount Ebal. The blesings of God will be on your life.

God desires that you and your ancestors be blessed. Erect your mountain of blessing. Teach the children about it. Teach them to be grateful. To always count their blessings. To be thankful for small things that God does every day. Most importantly, teach them to walk in the fear of God.

Be the example they will follow. When you do the light of God’s glory will always shine on you from your Mount Gerizim.


Heavenly Father, I thank You for the many blessings You have given to me, your child. I thank you that I am no longer under the curse. Jesus paid the prices to let ,e walk in Your blessings. I thank you for the blessing of salvation. I am walking in your promises now. I am blessed with good health, I am blessed with abundance, I am blessed with peace and joy. I am blessed with wisdom and knowledge. All that I do prospers. You have given only good things to me. It is your desire that I constantly remember all that you have done for me. Help me to be thankful for the small things, not just the big things. Please help me to establish my Mount Gerizim, so that I may always remember your blessings. Amen.

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