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Small Things

God is mindful of the little things. He gives hear to the simple prayers. The ones that come from the heart, when we do not have much to say. Those that come from the depth of our soul; when we stand like the publican, the tax collector, in the synagogue and not raise our eyes to heaven, but beat our breast, saying”

“God have mercy on me a sinner!” (Luke 18:13)

God delights in small things. His greatest work is done in the small things. The bees work diligently to gather nectar from the plants. It is their work which pollinates the other plants and sustains plant life. Without their work plants – flowers, trees, shrubs, and other flora, will die. The trees produce oxygen that sustains us. They take the waste air – the carbon dioxide – from us and change it to oxygen so that we can breathe. Trees provide fruits, seeds, leaves for us to eat and sustain our bodies. They are food for the cattle, the animals we eat. All of these sustain us. It is these small things that work together to allow us to do our work.

It is madness to not pay attention to the small things! The little things can make or break us. Ask the athlete that that breaks world records. Success is hinged on a series of daily training done repeatedly. Ask the man who takes pleasure in a cigarette. Ask the one who takes pleasure in having a little sip of alcohol to calm him or her. These small things done repeatedly can bring destruction. So we must be vigilant, always watchful, to cleanse ourselves from the little foxes.

Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes.     Songs of Solomon 2:15

These little foxes are the vices; the bad things, the seeds of the enemy that is still in us. If we do not cleanse them from ourselves we will wither and die on the branch. We are the vines; the offshoot of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.     John 5:15

The grapes in Songs of Solomon 2 and verse 15 are the abundant blessings that are on our life. It represents spiritual mental, physical, emotional and financial blessings. These blessings will also be on your children and their children but we must overcome the small things. We must overcome the small things that we struggle with if we want to receive the ‘grapes’. How do we do that? We must use the Word of God as our guide for our daily life. It will show us how we may:

  1. Love the Lord, our God, with all our soul, and with all our heart.
  2. Love our neighbor as yourself.

We cannot love God and not love His word. His word must be our daily nourishment. We must feast on it more than we do our daily meals. When we draw near to His word, He draws near to us. We must read and pray His words. We must meditate on his word daily.

Meditating on it daily requires that we read it, think deeply about it, memorize it, and speak it regularly. We must write it in places that allow us to be reminded of it. For example, write it on a card and place it on the mirror in the bathroom, in the kitchen, the living room, or anywhere throughout the house. When we meditate on the Word of God we will experience peace of mind, healing in our body, peace throughout our day, a new outlook on life and peace with our neighbor.

Only the Word of God will show us how we may love our neighbor. Sometimes the work of the Holy Spirit may make this change in you before you are aware of the Word of God. begins to make this change the work of the Holy Spirit will cause that change in us, as He works with us to bring us in conformity to it, as He changes us to His image. The changes that you will see happening in your life will include:

  1. Refusal to engage in gossip.
  2. Your words will be used to comfort, encourage, heal, and restore.
  3. Your words will bring correction in a loving manner.
  4. You will not lie or bear false witness against anyone.
  5. You will be concerned about the well-being of others; there will be genuine love and care for others.
  6. You will be diligent in your work.

Saints will be interested in each other’s growth. You will rejoice at the success of some else.

If we allow these small changes to occur in us. We will experience a radical shift in our worship. There will be unity among us. When we are one we will see an outpouring of the glory of God in corporate worship.

This is the law of Unity. A united small group is a mighty army for God. He always uses small things to accomplish great deeds. It was with a small army, lead by Gideon, that He overthrew the mighty army of the Philistines. It was with a small group that He brought the Fire of the Holy Spirit to the World. When you join with a small united group you will see the glory of God working in your life. You will become a carrier of the glory. You will command sickness and it will go from you, your household and others. No witch, no warlock, no demon will be able to withstand you.

First take care of the small things. God delights in the small things done from the heart.

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