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Journey to Deliverance – My Testimony, Part 3 Snatched From Death

This is another article in this series. I do hope this testimony inspired you. I hope it brought healing to some area of your life. Most importantly, I hope it awakens a deeper desire for a relationship with God.

Answered Prayer

I did not know how to satisfy the hunger insight my soul. I was attending church occasionally. Yet I did not feel satisfied.

Thankfully, God had a plan that would satisfy the hunger of my soul. In November 2010 God sent someone to my workplace. He sat in a cubicle before me. He hardly spoke. Just did his job and left on time. While he wrote computer programs he would listen to sermons. It bugged me! He was the first Christians I knew that operated this way. Most of my friends at work were Christians but none operated this way. He was plugged in 24/7. A sermon was always playing in the background. That behavior was weird! I thought he was a religious nut. A ‘Jesus Freak’! Thank God for these freaks! People who are not ashamed of the cross.

We became friends and discovered that we were both interested in starting a software development business. We met, in June 2011, to discuss forging a partnership. Shortly after our discussion begun he begun playing a sermon on his laptop. It was Bishop TD Jakes’ sermon ‘The Place of His Passion’. I leaned in to listen. Every word from Bishops’ mouth pierced my heart. I wept uncontrollably, as Bishop Jakes outlined the sacrifice of the cross. I felt the pain Jesus bore for me. My heart broke open! Without prompting, I asked the Lord to take control of my life. I didn’t know what to say. My friend never spoke a word. He never offered help. All I did was blurt out what was in my heart.

That evening I went home and took up my Bible. It was always neglected. Now there was a renewed desire to read it. I thought about the Lord but did not know what to say to Him. I felt peace and joy in my heart like I had never felt before.

On the Monday I went to Prudence Wisdom, a co-worker, and told her that I had recommitted my life to the Lord. I admitted to her that I had an urge to fast. I felt lead to do so but did not know what to do. She instructed me how to proceed. As I started the fast I became aware that the Lord was speaking to me. I heard a small voice speaking to me. It came from inside. It gave me instructions about what to do.

A month later, my grandmother died. Before she died the Lord told me the date and time He would take her. He also reminded me that He had shown me that she would die by a series of dreams from March. For one week every night I dreamt that she was being visited by a departed relative who had gone on to heaven several centuries ago. Somehow He always told me when a relative or close friend of the family was going to die. It begun when I was a teenager. I would get a dream and instantly know that a relative or close friend would die. In some instance, I knew who was going to die. When she died I was told not to shed a tear. She was among the righteous dead. So there must be no tears, only rejoicing. She had receive the greatest gift any saint can receive-the opportunity to be with her Savior. At her funeral, I made the commitment to continue her work. Little did I know that I had signed my death warrant. Almost immediately, He begun to kill the old man (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Through prayer, fasting and time in the Word the Holy Spirit delivered me from the spirit of perversion. It was not smooth sailing. I was separated from friends and placed among Pentecostals. Yep! The crazy group that I was trying to avoid.

God begun revealing more of Himself to me in dreams and visions. I also begun seeing demons in dreams. This was a scary time. I did not believe demons existed but now I was seeing them. For two weeks, after being baptised, I was visited with my dream by something that looked like a former co-worker from the bank in the early ’90s. Every night the person, asked me the same thing. “Why did you give your life to the Christ“. Each time struggled to answer. There was always an overwhelming fear. I became scared and did not sleep for three days. I cried out to God for help! One night I dreamt I was driving in a subway train. (I had never been in one before but instinctively I knew what it was). A tall figure in black leather sat before me. His face was obscured, his hands were the same color as his clothes. It asked me the same question. And placed his hand on my leg. This time I became furious. A tall white sword appeared in my hand. I used that sword and chopped him to shreds. That stopped that series of dreams.

Other dreams came from the enemy. He wanted to keep me bound by any means necessary. One night I dreamt I was helping a friend who was injured. He begun making sexual advances toward me. I balked at it. I told him that I no longer engaged in those acts as I had given my life to the Lord. Then I walked away from him. A very strong sexual presence came from the direction I was headed. It was not just a feeling. Let me describe it as best I can. The feeling of lust felt alive. Instinctively I knew it came from something that was hiding behind a nearby door. I boldly went behind the door and begun fighting with the monster that was hidden behind it. The demon was horribly twisted in appearance. It was covered in feces from head to toe. I punched it. Then landed a series of blows. With every blow I repeated, “I belong to Jesus Christ”. I woke with tears streaming down my face.

The dreams became more intense at times. Sometimes I was visited by Succubus and Incubus spirits. At one point I resorted to reading Jewish protection prayers before retiring to bed. They helped for a season. Until the dreams restarted. Eventually God sent Apostle Clive O’Brien to provide mentorship. He taught me how to shield myself from these attacks and also about the office of the Prophet.

It was not smooth sailing at all times. I messed up twice. On the night after I was baptised I attempted to have sex and the Holy Spirit dealt with me. I got convicted and could not continue.  In the morning, when I took up my Bible it opened at Romans 1. I read it and turned the pages. It opened on 1 Corinthians 5. It was too much. I broke down in tears and repented again. The moment I did I felt peace wash over me. I knew in that instance that I was forgiven.

The last time I gave in to my flesh was June 2012. It almost cost me my life. One Friday we held a prayer meeting at my home. We were praying for a friend that was having difficulty receiving the Holy Spirit. Each time she went to the altar tremendous fear came on her. It and the activities at the altar were too much, so she drew back. At the instructions of the Lord we prayed for her that night. God delivered her. We ended at midnight and I dropped off everyone at their home. As I was driving home, I received a call. Someone called me for sex. Instantly a maddening urge came over me. It drove to the house. As I about to have sex I felt convicted. I could not continue. I told the person that I could not do it as I had given my life to the Lord and promised Him that I would not engage in any sex outside of marriage. I left in tears but the damage was already done. From the moment I walked away I knew something was spiritually wrong. I repented immediately and felt assured that I was forgiven. However, I could not speak in tongues. Please understand that during this period I spoke in tongues for most of the day. It was hard to speak in English. I would pray in tongues for hours. Never once did I feel weary or aware of time. Suddenly it was gone. I felt naked.

Luckily, He had a rescue plan. That Sunday I struggled to feel the Presence of God in the morning and evening services. After the night service I was speaking to a church sister, when someone approached me. He told me about a vision of me that God showed him. It encouraged my spirit. Then he gently, almost timidly, reached up and touched my arm. When his hand touched my arm, a bolt of electricity surged through my body. It knocked me to my knees. I went down speaking in tongues. It erupted from the center of my being. I could hardly contain the force. Everyone turned to look at the commotion. I thought, “let me get to the altar. Maybe God wants to talk to me.” That plan had to be abandoned. The church doors were already closed.

The only option I had was to walk home. I walked on the street for a quarter mile. All this time I was speaking VERY LOUD in unknown tongues and shaking under the power of God. When I reached a section of the road that had no street light a white 2000 Toyota Corolla pulled up to my feet. The windows had heavy black tint. It came down slowly to reveal four men in the vehicle. All of them wore dark glasses. Suddenly, the tongues changed. The words came out with greater power. My voice thundered. The words were sharp! It felt like I was rebuking something. The driver stepped on the brakes and the vehicle sped off. It almost hit an oncoming car.

Instantly, I stopped talking in tongues. I became calm.

“They were going to kill you. Satan arranged this for you from the time you received the call on Friday. This was to be your death but I saved you,” the Lord told me.

I walked home bewildered at the events.I was thankful that I was still alive. From that day I resolved never to give in to lust again. Most importantly, I asked the Lord to keep me from surrendering to the desires of my flesh. My prayer was simple.

Lord, I cannot do this on my own. I need your help. Please keep me from stumbling. I do not want to engage in sex outside of marriage. I will wait until you provide a mate. If you do not, then please give me the grace Paul had to endure temptation.”

His response was simple. Always abide in my Presence.

From that date until now I have faced temptations. And God has kept me. Glory to His name! Praise be to God who causes us to triumph, He has kept my feet from falling. You know you are delivered when everything you have faced comes back at you and you stand. I was not able to do it in my strength. I had to lean on Him. Only walking with Him daily has kept my feet from falling. His Presence is more precious than the air I breathe. He’s become my secret place.


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If you need prayer, please do not hesitate to leave a request for prayer. I will be happy to pray for you. God is a deliverer. He meets all our needs. He binds up our wounds and frees us from every snare of the enemy. All you have to do is call on Him. I did and he delivered me. He will do the same for you.

He sent from above, He took me;
He drew me out of many waters.
He delivered me from my strong enemy,
From those who hated me,
For they were too strong for me.      Psalm 18:16-17

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