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Healing Unleashed

Hey you! Yes You! I have great news!”

Please join me next week as I start a brand new meditation series. For 90 days I will be conducting daily healing meditations. Imagine what will happen if you meditate for 90 days on healing scriptures. I am sure you will see a marked improvement in your health. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

This puts money in your pocket!

Your spirit, mind, soul and body will be glad you did. Please commit 5 – 10 minutes daily to participate in my program. Periodically think about the lesson throughout the day and you will see great benefits during the year and beyond.

This is a stress free detox program. You do not need Yoga or blanking of your mind to cope with the numerous things that bombard you daily. You need a lifestyle of sustained meditation on God’s healing power. Just 90 days of soaking in the healing stream of God’s Word will provide lasting results.

You cannot afford to miss out on this experience! This is a deposit in your bank account. Medication is very expensive. Imagine how much money you will save. This is affordable healthcare – kingdom healthcare.

There is no need to be afraid about what is happening with Obamacare or any other national health services. God has given us a system that grants us health for the rest of our life. He designed it with you and me on his mind. There is no reason for you to continue battling illnesses in your body.

Take action! Stand up and fight! You have got to be a part of this!

Ready, Set…

This idea was birthed in November 2015. The Lord told me to undertake the project but a series of events occurred that prevented me from started it.

Yesterday, he told me to restart it. This was used as the catalyst.

Our dog has the tendency to run away for short periods. If we are not vigilant, when the garage door opens she will bolt outside. We would either go looking for her or wait until she comes back an hour later. The result of her escapades was her getting mange.

Mange is an infection caused by mites. That will borrow in the skin of humans and animals. It can be painful and cause severe itching. It infected the inside of our dog’s right ear . We would play with her but did not notice until there was hair loss.

I took action by praying for her ear.  Pray?!!! Why not treat it? It seemed like a crazy thing to do but I looked at that poor thing and in my heart I knew that the God who created her wanted her to be well. I have no scripture to support my view but I believe Adam had to use the anointing to heal injured animals.

Two days later when I checked God had started the healing process. My nephew observed that God had answered the prayer and was delighted. His precious dog would be healthy once again. The hair had grown back on the ear.

The following week when I rechecked I realized that the infection had still persisted. There were scabs and bleeding from scratching. The Lord then challenged me.

“Are you afraid to touch it?”

“No Lord.”

“Well you must lay hands on it. Jesus laid hands on the man who was leprous and his skin was instantly healed (Matthew 8:2-3). Do not be afraid to lay hands. You have always wanted to pray for the sick without laying hands. It is absolutely important in some instances. Never hold back from doing it. Release your faith when you are in direct contact with someone.”

“Anoint the ear with oil. Release your faith. Command it to GO, in my name!”

I did just that.

Yesterday, I inspected the dog’s ear and found that the skin was almost completely healed. The mange had dried up. Only a few scabs and little bald spots still existed.

As I inspected the dog’s ear the Lord begun speaking to me. He expressed His desires for all His people to walk in divine health. He desires that we are empowered by the knowledge of his Word. So that will be encouraged to lay hands on the sick and pray for their healing.

It grieves the heart of God to see His children suffer. Too many of us have been living like our dog. We need healing but do not understand how to grab a hold of it. I have felt the compassion of the Holy Spirit many times during worship service. As saints came forward for healing and deliverance I would begin to weep. Tears would stream down my face. As I tried to understand it, the Lord told me that He is weeping for His children. “They are lost. They do not know who they are.”

Healing belongs to the believer. I am tired of seeing us running to the altar, service after service seeking for a healing or miracle. Now do not get me wrong! Signs and wonders are essential for the body of Christ. We desperately need the manifestations of the Presence of God in our midst. People need to be healed and set free but the signs are for unbelievers. Signs and wonders are our portion.

It is not supernatural for us. It is our right as citizens of the Kingdom of God. These occurrences should be a natural part of our existence. Our lives must testify of the power and Presence of God. Salvation gives us this guarantee. Divine health is our portion.

We have the same anointing that rests on Jesus Christ. “I have given to them the glory and honor which You have given Me, that they may be one, just as We are one;” (John 17:22). The same Holy Spirit He had resides in us. We did not get Casper the Ghost or another ghost. We have the ALL-POWERFUL SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD IN US-The Holy Ghost. We can manifest anything that is within His will. This may be unpopular, but I am going to say it, “I do not believe saints should be going to the altar each time they are ill”.

Frankly, “I DO NOT BELIEVE SAINTS SHOULD BE ILL”. It is illegal for us to be ill. Sickness violates the spiritual laws of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is a sign that we have been robbed of our divine health. We may not have taken the necessary precaution to ensure our temple is kept healthy. Offense, bitterness, resentment, unconfessed sins, unbelief and an unhealthy lifestyle are gateways for illness. Nevertheless we can close these doors by appropriating the sacrifice of Jesus. The same resurrection power that raised him from the dead is at work in us. The Holy Spirit is with us to shield us from the attacks of the enemy. The same guarantee He gave the Israelites to keep them in perfect health is also available to us.

You shall serve [only] the Lord your God, and He shall bless your bread and water. I will also remove sickness from among you. No one shall suffer miscarriage or be barren in your land; I will fulfill the number of your days.

Exodus 23:25-26, Amplified Bible

His sacrifice on the Cross seals us with this promise.

But [in fact] He has borne our griefs, And He has carried our sorrows and pains; Yet we [ignorantly] assumed that He was stricken, Struck down by God and degraded and humiliated [by Him]. But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was crushed for our wickedness [our sin, our injustice, our wrongdoing]; The punishment [required] for our well-being fell on Him, And by His stripes (wounds) we are healed.

Isaiah 53:4-5, Amplified Bible


You do not have to suffer from ill-health. Your children and grandchildren do not have to face attacks from the common cold. We are given a guarantee of perfect health. It is our portion. It cannot be denied us, when we walk daily with Him.

Please join me in this course of meditating on the scriptures. It is essential to receive physical, spiritual, emotional and mental healing. “And you will know the truth [regarding salvation], and the truth will set you free [from the penalty of sin].” (John 8:32).

You owe it to yourself to undertake this process of detoxing the mind, body, soul and finances for 90 days. I am sure you will be radically changed at the end of this process.

I recommend that you couple the scriptures with routines to aid your physical health. A lifestyle of healthy eating, regular exercise and rest is very important for our body. It is strengthened and healed naturally through these processes.

The Holy Spirit will help you live in divine health. God kept the Israelites healthy for 80 years as they journeyed through the wilderness. Moses walked with Him for an even longer period and was never ill. We can be recipients of that same gift.

Will you join me? The Journey begins on Wednesday June 7, 2017 at 5:00 am on my Facebook page. Live teachings will be done every day for the 90 days. An article covering that same topic will also be posted during the day.

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