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Creative Power

Deuteronomy 8:18

“And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.”

God has given us the ability to create wealth. Where we are on the socio-economic ladder does not matter. If you are broke, busted and disgusted you are a likely candidate for God to use. He always chooses the most unlikely and overlooked candid to get His job done.

The extent to which we become wealthy is based on our desire and the action taken to get there.

God will only give to us what we are willing to manage. If we expand our skill and knowledge and are obedience to what he tells us to do, He will ensure that we succeed.

The law of attraction says that you will attract what you desire and actively work towards. Joshua practised this law. He was tasked with bringing the people into the promise of God. Land had to be conquered for his people. They needed to fight nations greater than them to succeed. So he used his best tools the word of God. He meditated on it daily. And communicated regularly with God to get the necessary strategies that gave him tremendous success. He attracted what he desired by his adherence to God’s instructions. Defeat came once when the people he commanded did not adhere to what God told them. That was a lesson that he quickly learnt. Moses had already outlined the desired outcome. The vision of what life will be like in the Promised Land. Now it was up to Joshua to fulfill the mandate.

We also need to take a similar approach to build wealth. Too often we see successful saints not giving public credit to God or failing to include Him in their ‘success formulas’.

Saints have used the gifts of the spirit only for spiritual purposes and have failed to realise another use. We were given these gifts to establish God’s Kingdom in all the worlds. These worlds are the places where the souls (people) have hidden themselves. It may be in the field of science, technology, games, philosophy, medicine, etc. Some are called to preach the word. There are others who will preach by the testimony of their life. Despite the variety of calls we have one commonality. We are ALL commanded to exercise dominion over the earth (not people), be fruitful and replenish the earth. that has not changed. All the seed of Adam have that charge (Genesis 1:22). Why are we not using these gifts to enrich our lives and the lives of the people around us?

Those of us with the Holy Spirit must be a shining city on a hill. Our light must cause all men to desire to know our God (Matthew 5:14-16). We must prosper in our health, business, finance, education, relationships and all sphere of our life.

For too long believers have been contented to remain poor and destitute. It is sad that some denominations teach their members that that they must shun wealth and riches. It makes their life miserable but they sit in it. Waiting on God to change their situation. Worst they think it pleases God. They believe it is a testimony of their humility before Him. 

Poverty is not humility. It is of the devil. God never designed a system that allowed anyone to be poor. Don’t believe me? When the Israelites where going into the promised land they were told that there would no poor among them. The strangers were the ones that would have poor. Poverty is a sign of being under a curse. 

It is not biblically accurate to teach someone that being poor makes one humble. Our confidence should not rest in our earthly wealth. It must not be valued above our relationship with God. It should be a part of our desire to be of service to the Kingdom of God.

Humility comes when we come before him in repentance and acknowledge his sovereignty. Repentance is confessing our sins before God and asking for forgiveness. In the Old Testament, it was normally accompanied by deep cries and sacrificing pleasures to show that one is truly sorry. The wicked King Ahab, Jezebel’s husband, showed humility when he repented, fasted and wept before God. Elijah had told him the judgement of God that was planned for his house. He responded by humbling himself before God. His actions pleased God because it came from his heart. So God told Elijah that the judgement will occur after he died (1 Kings 21:20-32). The King of Nineveh commanded everyone to fast and repent before God at the preaching of Jonah. It turned the wrath of God from the city and they were spared. (Jonah 3).  In the book of Esther, the captive Israelites fasted and cried out to God, when there was a warrant to kill them. It gave Queen Esther supernatural favor with the King and overturned the death warrant Haman (Esther 4 – 8).

The Bible shows that the pattern to show humility before God has been:

  1. Repentance;
  2. Acknowledging God’s Sovereignty;
  3. In some cases weeping and fasting.

Weeping and fasting – abstaining from food and/or water. Was done when there was impending judgement. The Israelites would also take off their fine garments and put on sackcloth and cover their head with ashes. Abstaining from the pleasures of comfortable clothing showed they were not only afflicting their soul but their bodies also. The sackcloth was not comfortable to wear. How they prostrated themselves was also not comfortable. They did not ask for a pillow or cushion to lay on while they prayed. Now that may not be necessary, but it is important to express our repentance from our heart.

We are to be broken and surrendered before him. When we minister before our fellow man we are to serve but operate with authority(Matthew 23:11-12). The delegated authority of Heaven. We are ambassadors of that country. It is important that we display confidence and poise doing the work of God. We must believe that God will always aid us. He will give us dominion in the boardroom, strategic meetings, the classroom, the planning committee, brainstorming sessions. Whatever we are doing. 

We have been at the back-end when it comes to wealth creation. Why? The richest man in the world at one time was Solomon. David was also very rich. Abraham was very wealthy. He had more than 300 men servants and had so much wealth that the men of Gerar called him a prince. Job was wealthy. Those who were not wealthy were called to stand out in contrast to the greed of the people around them. One such person was John the baptist. God called Mother Theresa to feed and care for the poor. Yet this woman was not poor. He gave her the wealth that was necessary to care for the people. She lived a basic life because the money was for Kingdom work. 

Money is needed to fund Kingdom work. We were told to go into all the worlds and make disciples of men. This requires money. Lots of money. Crusades cost a lot of money. God will be raising up millionaires and billionaires to fund this work. He needs people who are surrendered to His will.

Their surrender will cause them to use their wealth to fund kingdom ministries, feed the poor and homeless, build churches, fund missionary work, build orphanages, clothed the naked, provide for the widows and education of masses in very poor countries, etc.

It is only when we surrender and are broken before him that the oil will pour out without limit. Heaven has plans that the world has not seen. He is waiting for vessels to pour these ideas into.

It will not come with someone laying hands on you. No their is no quick fix for this. It requires time in prayer, fasting and the Word before God. Times of crying out before Him. And allowing yourself be pliable in His hand. So that He may mold you into His instrument of war (Jeremiah 18:1-12). And release you to revolutionize the various industries of the world.

God is restoring the dimension of Kings to the Kingdom. Will you be one of them? Are you willing to pay the price?


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