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There Shall Be Revival | Prophecy

Today, April 28, 2017, while reading Fresh Oil from Heaven by Ed Dufresne the Lord gave me this word.

Away with your dead revivals.  I will breathe afresh upon my body and you shall stand up. You shall see a true demonstration of my power and my glory in your midst. I am revival. I am fire. There can be no revival without My fire.

Where is the evidence of the revival? Where is the evidence of My glory? Aren’t people still walking away lame, deaf, blind, withered, insane, depressed, heavy laden, crippled, suicidal? When was the last time that the homosexual, the addict, the homeless was set free? When was the last time that the people were called to holiness and the fear of Me. Not the fear of you. Away with your revivals!

I shall blow a fresh breathe upon this earth. No one will capitalize on it. No one will take credit for it. No one will receive glory for the time of refreshing that I shall release.

My sheep shall be fed. They shall be washed with My Word. They shall be made whole. I will put My fear on them and give them a new heart.

I shall cover this earth with My glory.

While I read the book the Holy Spirit reminded of a vision I was shown in February 2017. I was at the 2nd Watch Prayer Meeting at the Father’s Heart Christian Center, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida when He showed me a vision of the coming Revival.

I was praying in the Spirit, when I saw the earth. The fire of God rested on it. Out of the fire came the word REVIVAL. The letters were gigantic and white. It covered the face of the map. I then saw a massive gathering of people. Men, women and youths all stood together in unity. They were from every nation and tongue. Some wore their national outfit. All stood in unity. The peace and joy of the Lord radiated on their faces.

Saints real revival is coming!

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