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No More Celebrities in the Pulpit | Prophecy

On March 10, 2016 the Lord spoke to me about the shaking that is happening to the church and the reason some Pastors have been lead to appear on Preachers of LA; the reality show. This is what He said:

The tide of persecution, against the church, will not be stopped. There will be far more.attacks against other public televangelists. I will expose hidden secrets. Some will fall. Others will continue but their appeal will wane. 

There will be no more celebrities in the pulpit. Only true glory carriers. Those who will serve Me and will put Me first.

I am shifting the worship. I am removing the attraction to titles and fame.

I have lead some Pastors to appear on Preachers of LA to remove their worship. People will learn to look to Me first.

While typing this message on Saturday November 5, 2016 at 10:15 pm, He revealed this to me.

The death of a once famous Preacher will occur very soon. It will cause an alarm among the body of Christ. People will be shocked at the swiftness of his passing. There will be other deaths. I am shifting the body (of Christ). Room is being made for another generation to come forward.

Swift death will come to some leaders. I will strike down those who have handled my pulpit carelessly and have lead many astray. Fatigue and a host of problems will overwhelm others, causing them to resign and leave their posts.

I am cleaning My house. The bride is being prepared for a great outpouring of my anointing.

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